40+ Twitter Tools for Extended Twitter Experience


“…Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?”

Twitter is here to stay, how about extending your Twitter experience with loads of Twitter tools. Here goes cool list of more than 40 Twitter tools for that extended Twitter experience.

1. TwitSpyIt allows you to view real time updates on Twitter. It is similar to Digg Spy which lets you see in real-time as new Digg stories are posted to that site. With Twitspy you can view public and random tweets being posted real time.

2. Tweet140Bingo if you send a tweet with exactly 140 characters. Tweet 140 track your tweets and checks how many times you send a tweet closer to 140 characters. Challenge or game – it is for sure interesting.

3. AlphaTwitter It shows popular links being shared in Twitter. It tells you – who shared what and when. Links are aggregated within a 24 hour period, the most shared are displayed at the top. It also shows number of a times a link has been shared.

4. Twitterator It is a Twitter friend list generator that allows a Twitter user to “follow” a bunch of other Twitter users in one fell swoop.

5. TwixxerGo beyond text on twitter. Twixxer allows you to share videos and photos on Twitter. To use this you can download Greasemonkey or Twixxer User Script.

6. Twitter Q and A It helps you ask questions to your followers and also answer their questions. It is like mini-version of Yahoo Answers on Twitter platform.

7. TwitLinksIt is a Techmeme for tech related and there about stories being shared on Twitter. All the geeky stories being shared are shown in a chronological order.

8. Wordy BirdieIt is a Twitter based word frequency guessing game. Predict which words people you follow will use in an update and earn points when they do.

9. TwitterMeThisIt is a mashup of marketing with twitter crowd. Questions are posted, first user who answer them correct get $5 by paypal. Simple? Get set answering few of them.

10. TweetBurnerIt allows you to track what happens with the links you share on Twitter. It shows Tweets with most popular Twurls in the last hour and Top 10 URLs with most clicks in the last hour on its homepage.

11. TweetPeekBetter your Twitter experience by creating easy to manager groups. Create a TweetPeek group and start sharing among your friends and family members.

12. Twubble One cool way to expand your Twitter bubble. It searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow.

13. GroupTweet Send private Twitter messages to specific groups of friends. Create a group account and let group member follow that account to receive group updates.

14. SnapTweetIt allows you to send your latest Flickr photo to Twitter. You only need Flickr and Twitter user login details.

15. Twaction It is a simple site that turns your tweets on Twitter into actions. You can now poke, slap, drink beer or smile at your friends on Twitter.

16. TweetStats Name says it all – it provide statistical lowdown of your Twitter ramblings. It provides graph of your total tweets by the month, by the day, and by the hour.

17. TwitterLightsHighlight and save anything on any webpage and then share it with your Twitter friends using Twitterlights, simple!

18. SocialComicBookIt is provides cool mashup of you Twitter conversations with comics. Spice up Twitter experience with Comical Twist with SocialComicBook.

19. TwitterPoster It is a visual application based on Twitter API. It provides a visual representation of the degree of influence of the Twitter users.

20. TwitterLocal It allows you generate an RSS or XML Feed to filter out Tweets around a certain area. Just enter a city, state, postal code, choose the range of miles you want to include.

21. TwitterLinkr It displays lot list of tweets and and links. If the word is appearing in 8 or more tweets within the last 24 hours, it’s displayed on the most popular page. If it’s appearing in 10 or more tweets, the word is displayed in the navigation bar of the page.

22. Twitter Census A questions is thrown open for Twitter users and finally answers are aggregated. Different types of questions are asked using Twitter Census.

23. TwitterIM It allows you send tweets using your messenger. Now you can tweet around right from your instant messenger.

24. TweetMemeIt shows what’s hot and what’s being talked about in Twitter community. You get to relish best and hottest topics of discussion on a single page. Yeah, similar to concept of TechMeme.

25. Twits Like MeFind new like minded friends on twitter using Twits Like Me. Just enter your Twitter username and get list of users sharing similar tweet content.

26. TweetCloudsIt allows you to create word clouds based on the most frequently used words in any given Twitterer’s tweets. You can only produce could from public Twitter accounts.

27. TwitPlusNo need to send files via email, instead TwitPlus them. Send pictures, video and files privately to your twitter friends.

28. TweetVolumeIt helps you find popularity of a specific word or phrase in Twitter community. Try Obama or Clinton – these words are for sure very popular.

29. TweetWhatYouEat Name explains it all. It provides more comprehensive and customized experience to share what went in your tummy. Share with your friends what you have been eating lately.

30. TweetgiftIt is a simple way to show a little appreciation to a friend. Just reply to tweetgift and use syntax to send gifts to your friends. Every gift starts with @tweetgift, then a friend’s username, and the gift with an optional message.

31. Twadget It is Vista sidebar gadget to stay in touch with your tweets. You can perform basic operations like sending and viewing tweets from the sidebar. It is for Windows Vista users.

32. TwitDirIt a searchable directory of Twitter users. Of course only public profiles are included. You can search by a name, a screen name or a location.

33. TwitterMailYou get TwitterMail email address after providing Twitter login details. For instance abcdef1234@twittermail.com. If you send an email to that address it will be posted to Twitter, simple!

34. TwitThisAdd TwitThis button to your blog to facilitate blog readers to tweet your posts with easy. A Click on Twitthis button makes it very easy for a blog visitor to share that post with his/her twitter friends.

35. TwitBinIt is a FireFox Extension to stay in constant touch with latest tweets. Now you can quickly and easily send and receive messages via twitter in your firefox browser.

36. TwitterFeedAutomatically post your blog updates to Twitter account. Provide you Twitter login details, blog’s RSS feed to get going. Easy way to feed your Twitter with Blog content.

37. TweetrA Twitter Client for Mac and PC. This Adobe AIR app allows you to send files upto 10 MB. See tweets in colorful desktop based window with loads of other customizable options.

38. TwitterEarth A fun way to visualize twitter users around the world on a 3D globe model. The look of the globe is appealing so is the way of showing Twitter users.

39. TweetLater The name explains it all. Using this you can schedule future tweets for all your Twitter accounts. You can your Twitter account alive even when not in front of computer.

40. TwimblerMicroblogging made easy. Twimbler allows you to create and update tumbleblogs using twitter. No configuration, registration – just blogging.

41. TrackThisTrack your packages with Twitter. Just send a quick direct message to trackthis and you will receive a direct message any time your package location changes. It supports FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL tracking codes.

42. itwtr It is an open source Twitter client for iPhones. You can also download the source code and run this application on your own server.

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  1. Great article! and I here add 2:

    twist – trends in twitter
    twitpic – share pics with friends.

    By the way, I have translated your great article into Chinese, and I changed something. You know that some of these websites cannot visited here in China.

  2. You should check out Twibler.com. It’s a tool for automatically posting your eBay listings to your twitter account. No eBay password required.

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