Portable tool to backup, sync & restore data: Toucan

We have already seen best free Backup tools for Windows operating system. If you do not like to install programs and still want to backup, then checkout "Toucan" free portable tool to backup data. It is a simple to use utility to synchronise, backup and secure data to any desired location.

5 Free Windows Backup software programs

Data backup is an important routine for any computer user. It is simple yet many of us tend to ignore it. Lose of data inspires enough to start backup (and sync) procedure for future data safe keeping and recovery in case of crash. Following are few simple and free data backup software

Recover deleted photos: free AnyFound Recovery software

Have you accidently deleted few photos? Or someone played mischief to delete few images on the computer? AnyFound Recovery software can come handy in recovery of deleted photos. It is a free software that recovers deleted photos from specific drive / partitions. You can manually select,

Copy data from scratched CD, DVD with CD Recovery

Are you trying (again and again) to copy data from a scratched CD, DVD media? Free software program "CD Recovery" can help in process of extracting data from scratched CD, DVD. It is a simple and easy to use program. It can copy single file or folder or it can copy multiple files and

Recover deleted Twitter messages, lost tweets

Once you get on Twitter, addiction takes over and then starts the cycle of loads of messages and replies. There are times we delete few tweets or Twitter messages for certain reasons. In case you have been looking for an easy way to recover and view deleted tweets, checkout

How to prevent restore & recovery of deleted data ?

Just deleted a file and it went to 'recycle bin'. Then emptied 'recycle bin' and that file is deleted forever, is it? Well, that 'so-called' deleted file can still be recovered using specialized recovery software. So, how to prevent restore and recovery of deleted data? How to make sure