How to Download tweets archive file of Twitter account

Even with few tweets per day, one can end up with huge number of tweet messages shared on Twitter over a period of time. Ever wanted to save all tweet messages and browse them offline without any internet connection. Twitter has now made available official way to download complete tweets

Delete all tweets without deleting Twitter account user ID

Do you want to start fresh by deleting all tweets in your existing Twitter account? This sounds good but how do you plan to implement this? Manually deleting tweets one by one will take hours at stretch and not to mention the boredom it will kick start. Fortunately, there are smarter and

Find & link to individual Tweet URL on Twitter

Just like webpages, every tweet has unique URL address for quick and easy reference. You can find specific tweet URL and add reference for the same using that weblink / URL. Following are few simple ways to find unique URL of specific individual tweet(s) on Twitter. From Twitter profile

How to add official Twitter ‘tweet’ button

Websites and blogs can display quick share Twitter buttons for easy sharing of content by users. As of now, we have used third party buttons that enable users on specific website or blog to post and share article links on Twitter. Now you use official Twitter 'tweet' buttons on your blog

Schedule tweet updates from desktop on Tweedeck

Till now we have seen number of online tools like Future Tweetsthat allow scheduling of Twitter updates. Now you can schedule Twitter updates from the desktop using new feature laden Tweetdeck client. In few simple clicks you can add number of scheduled tweets to be sent at different times

Add Twitter tweetmeme button to blog / website

Promoting your blog / website content on various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter improve your site profile and send more visitors. We have already seen easy procedure to add cool official Facebook button to website. Similarly, you can add tweetmeme button to allow

3 tools to Backup & Save Twitter account tweets

Twitter has grown into big platform to express and socialize with people around the world. With so many people using Twitter and loads of contents being posted every minute - do you feel the need to backup your Twitter account contents (just incase)? Following tools should help in easy

Follow popular Twitter users at famous tweeters

With so many users on Twitter, finding right people you can follow is not an easy task. We have already seen top 10 directories of Twitter users to dig out Twitter profiles worth following. Here is another cool web service Famous Tweeters that has exhaustive listing of famous people on

Track people swearing on Twitter [Fword & more]

Twitter is all about expressing and some of us go over-board while doing so. End result is little bit of swearing as we put our point forward in loads of tweets on Twitter. Cursebird is a cool web app that tracks not so cool curse words being used on Twitter. Homepage show bar graph

Create eBook containing tweets of Twitter account

If you tweet very interesting stuff in your Twitter accout, how about creating an ebook containing tweets of your Twitter account? Tweetbook allows you to create a PDF ebook (or XML output) with nicely date-wise publication of tweets in your account. Related - Backup your Twitter

Share any files & documents on Twitter with TwitDoc

There are number of web services to share stuff on Twitter from sharing photos to sharing videos. TwitDoc promises to be all in one solution to share any kind of file or document on Twitter. Just login into Twitter account, enter your tweet, upload file from the computer and you are all

See URL click stats of webinks in tweets on TweetDeck

TweetDeck is an awesome desktop client for Twitter. It has number of features to make twitter experience easy and quick. By default all weblinks shared via tweets on Tweetdeck use URL shortening service. Tweetdeck has option to see click statistics and actual URLs of all URLs