Convert comics [CBR, CBZ] into ebook EPUB format


Majority of ebook reader like Apple iPad support EPUB format for ebooks. Do you want to read your favorite comic on an ebook reader? You can easily do that by converting comics in CBR or CBZ format into EPUB ebook format. You can download free Comic to eBook converter tool for such conversion quickly with ease.

Create EPUB ebooks from CBR / CBZ comics

1. Download Comic To eBook converter utility. Unzip and double click to launch it. It is a portable utility and does not require any installation.

2. Goto File > Import Comic and select CBR or CBZ format comic file.

3. Then enter title, author and date details. Click “save epub” buttonto convert and save comic file in EPUB ebook format. You can also configure Image settings to make adjustments.

Besides above, there are number of other tools to convert and create EPUB ebook files from different types of text and image content.



  1. Sarfaraz Rahman says

    Guys, anybody have any idea on image settings for iPad 3rd generation. Cause when I convert cbr to epub the image size becomes too small. I am considering using comicflow app if this does not work properly.

  2. Josuemental says

    I’m looking for a software that would do the opposite, eBook to eComic, is there such software, if anyone knows please reply, thanks.

  3. Very informative article
    Excellent and quick services for all your ebook conversion solutions

  4. Jamie C. says

    I need help. I can’t get my nook to read the books. Can anyone help me?

  5. Thanks! Really useful and works perfectly!

  6. Jonathan Cardoz says

    Thanks for this…

  7. OMGOMGOMG Now I can read every comic I’ve every effing wanted to on my phone! It works like a charm, small but powerful hellz yeah.

  8. Carlo Guillot says

    Please, where can I find a MAC version of this program?

  9. Sandy Miller says

    Dang! Thanks so much! WORKS!

  10. Thanks a lot!!! Works perfectly!

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