Convert comics [CBR, CBZ] into ebook EPUB format

Majority of ebook reader like Apple iPad support EPUB format for ebooks. Do you want to read your favorite comic on an ebook reader? You can easily do that by converting comics in CBR or CBZ format into EPUB ebook format. You can download free Comic to eBook converter tool for such

Batman & Robin Comic image generator

Are you a fan of Batman & Robin superheros? Spill your fan following using cool online comic image generator for "Batman & Robin". It allows you to generate Batman & Robin image with customized text quotes or speech bubbles. In the pic, Batman is slapping Robin real hard and

Simple Comic Book viewer: Jibi

Are you looking for dead simple way to view comic book files? Jibi is a java based simple comics viewer (cbr/cbz) program. You can open any comic book file in this program and browse it with ease. Jump to first, next, previous or last page using navigational buttons. Related - 10