Extract text from corrupted docx files [docx to txt]


Docx files has its own perils if you do not have newer version of Microsoft Office. Incase, docx file is corrupted then even MS office cannot open the file and allows access to its content. Damaged Docx2Txt might come handy in trying to recover important text from a corrupted docx file.


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To get started, download the zip package, unzip it and double click on Damaged Docx2Txt icon to launch the application. Click on File > Open and then browse the corrupted docx file. This utility will try to recover text from that file which can be saved in txt format for further use. It has dead simple interface but useful in dealing with corrupted docx files. Download damaged Docx2Txt [weblink]



  1. Thanks for this new app. I tried many of such software, but none of them are give a satisfactory result. Will try this one also.

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