Convert & save text on images, PDFs as Google Docs

Now you can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature online at Google Docs. Upload any image or PDF file to extract text from them using OCR option on Google Docs. It allows you to convert and save text on images and PDF files as Google Documents for quick text only content

View only webpage text with Reader in Safari

Newer Safari browser has lot of interesting features including "Reader" feature. Also called as Safari Reader, this in-built feature allows to you surf text only version of webpages. It removes CSS formatting, images, advertisements and display webpage text just like a Word document.

Save Apple Pages file as MS Word doc, PDF, plain text

Majority of Windows users perform word processing tasks in Microsoft Office application software. While MAC users have iWorks application for similar functionality. If you are using iWorks on MAC and want to share documents with Windows users with MS Office, you can easily export and save

Remove clipboard Text formatting on Mac

We have seen number of free programs like Plain Text, Strip Mail to remove text formatting from clipboard text on Windows OS. Are you looking for similar free utility for MAC OSX system? Plain Clip is simple and free utility to remove clipboard text formatting with ease on MAC OSX

Extract text written on images, free online new OCR

Do you want to extract text written on an image file? NewOCR is an online tool for OCR (optical character recognition). It can convert text written on images into editable text. You can copy editable text and save in the form of notepad or word document file. It is an online tool and does

Extract text from corrupt docx MS Word 2007 file

Do you have trouble viewing contents of a corrupt / damaged MS Word 2007 docx file? "Damaged docx2txt" is a free utility that can extract text from a bad (corrupt / damanged) docx Word file. After text extraction, you can edit the text and save it in desired file format. Extract Text

Split large text files with portable text splitter

Do you have large text file which is getting difficult to manage? One easy way to deal with large text files is by splitting them into smaller manage-able text files. Simple Text Splitter is a free portable tool to split any large text based file like txt, log, srt into smaller chunks or

Remove text formatting & paste unformatted text with keyboard shortcut

Copying text from websites or highly formatted documents using usual copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) routine, brings along all the unwanted text formatting. This may include text with different font size, colors, images, tables, borders etc. Plain Text is a portable utility that

Remove text & character formatting from email text

Email can have lot of character formatting, specially forwarded emails contain loads of ">" characters. Manually editing and removing such characters takes lot of time and effort. How about doing it with a click of button using StripMail? It is a free application that can free up email

Extract & create text only version of webpages, Textise

Do you want to access "text only" copy of webpages? Textise makes this damn easy, just enter the URL of any webpage and click the textise button. It will load text only version of that webpage minus CSS or HTML formatting. This is very useful when you want to copy or save text only version

Extract text from corrupted docx files [docx to txt]

Docx files has its own perils if you do not have newer version of Microsoft Office. Incase, docx file is corrupted then even MS office cannot open the file and allows access to its content. Damaged Docx2Txt might come handy in trying to recover important text from a corrupted docx

Extract text from scanned images online [free OCR]

Do you have a scanned image with lot of text? Ideally one would look at image and manually type all the text on the image. How about automating this process and extract all the text from scanned image in few simple clicks? You can perform this extraction online at free-ocr