Extract text from corrupt docx MS Word 2007 file


Do you have trouble viewing contents of a corrupt / damaged MS Word 2007 docx file? “Damaged docx2txt” is a free utility that can extract text from a bad (corrupt / damanged) docx Word file. After text extraction, you can edit the text and save it in desired file format.


Extract Text from corrupt Word docx file

1. Download Damaged docx2txt utility & unzip it.
2. Double click “damageddocx2txt” icon to launch utility.
3. Goto menu option File > Open to open corrupt docx file.
4. Extracted text from selected docx file will be shown.
5. Goto menu option File > Save for saving displayed text.

Also See – Free software to open docx, doc files [Word Reader]

P.S. Word 2007 files are actually zipped collections of XML files. The main text in Word 2007 docx files is found in document.xml file in the collection. Damaged docx2txt uses CakeCMD , an unzipper that will unzip partially corrupt document.xml files.



  1. the first method which works with my problem!

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