Remove Paste options bar in MS Word 2010

If you are regular Microsoft Word 2010 program user, then "Paste Options" box might figure as most irritating feature. By default, when you press Ctrl + V keys to paste copied text - paste options box appears. It provides quick options to paste text: with original formatting, merged

Shortcut to find folder location of Office documents

Are you trying to locate specific Microsoft Office document file on your Windows computer? Efforts to find Office document file can get to nerves, if you are using manual method of checking each and every folder for the file. There are few smart and easy ways to find Office document file

Change basic theme color of Office Word 2010

Are you bored of default interface color of Microsoft Word Office 2010 program on your Windows computer? You can freshen up the look by customizing theme color of Office Word 2010 interface. You can change between blue, silver or black theme color options for interface of Microsoft Office

Embed fonts in Word document for same look

Every computer with different version of Windows and Microsoft Office software has different set of fonts to work around. Also, users can install fonts on Windows for more customization. When a Word document is opened on a different computer, it may appear different if fonts used in the

Create & print Business Cards in MS Word

Business cards form an important constituent of any business irrespective of its size. While large business setup can afford professional services for customized business cards for unique identity, same it not true for small business owners. However, even small business owners can create

Create ‘table of contents’ TOC page in Word 2010

If you are writing a professional document in Word application, then 'table of contents' is a must have page. TOC page serve as index page containing reference links to topics being discussed in the given document along with respective page numbers. It allows reader to view summary

Change measurement units format in MS Word

Do you want to change measurment units format in Microsoft Word document? You can easily customize measurement types among inches, centimeters, picas and points. This can be done from options menu in Microsoft Word 2010 program. Following steps can help you set desired measurement unit

Extract picture JPEG from Word document

Do you want to extract photos embedded in a Word document and save as JPEG image file?  This can be done in number of ways. A Word document may contain one or more images in a document file. You can copy and extract pictures manually or use free utility programs for extraction of images

Attach & embed files in MS Word, Excel documents

Ideally, we will upload files seperately to some file hosting website and share with other users. This is not easy and involves extra steps of uploading and sharing file links. Alternatively, you can use Microsoft Word or Excel document to share files. It allows you to insert files as

Insert iStock photos in MS Word, PowerPoint documents

iStockphoto(.com) is a leading stock images website. If you happen to use lot of stock images within Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, then makes things very easy and quick using iStock Office plugin. It is a MS Office addon that allows you to search and insert iStock photos from

Copy & insert table from MS Word into PowerPoint

Tables provide a neat way to present lot of data in PowerPoint and Word documents. Do you want to import and transfer table data created in Word document to a PowerPoint slideshow? This can be easily done using simple 'copy - paste' routine. Just select the table, copy it and then open