Repair corrupt & damaged Zip files: Object Fix Zip

Are you trying to extract contents from a bad zip archive file? Default method of extracting contents from damaged zip file may throw error. Free tool 'Object Fix Zip' can help in fixing and processing of corrupt ZIP archive files that are partially damaged or not completely downloaded. It

Fix & recover damaged, corrupt ZIP files

Zip is most common archive file format. At times, zip file could be damaged or corrupt and as a result may not open. "DiskInternals ZIP Repair" utility allows you to recover and extract contents of damaged Zip files. It is a free and easy to use utility to fix and recover contents of

Extract text from corrupt docx MS Word 2007 file

Do you have trouble viewing contents of a corrupt / damaged MS Word 2007 docx file? "Damaged docx2txt" is a free utility that can extract text from a bad (corrupt / damanged) docx Word file. After text extraction, you can edit the text and save it in desired file format. Extract Text