Split large text files with portable text splitter


Do you have large text file which is getting difficult to manage? One easy way to deal with large text files is by splitting them into smaller manage-able text files. Simple Text Splitter is a free portable tool to split any large text based file like txt, log, srt into smaller chunks or text files.


Split Text files with Simple text Splitter

1. Download Simple Text Splitter tool.
2. Unzip RAR file (need 7zip to unzip) & launch the app.
3. Click “Open Text” button to select the text file.
4. Select the output folder, that should contain final split files.
5. Under Splitting options, select number of chunks for splitting.
6. Click Start button & open folder to get your final smaller split text files.

Simple Text Splitter for sure is one very easy to use portable tool for splitting large text files. Also See, free tool to Split, merge & join PDF & TIFF files.



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