How to cut & split PDF file into small parts

PDF file format provide a great way to share documents containing text and images. While we can easily share large PDF document files in offline environment using memory cards, USB pen drives - doing same in the online world is little difficult. Do you want to share a big PDF file with

Split & cut MP3 music files online

We can easily cut selected part of mp3 song and use the smaller part as a ringtone. We have already seen easy to use free MP3 cutter software to cut any mp3 song file. Now you can edit and cut mp3 files online without having to install any software on the computer using '' online

Portable file Splitter & Joiner tool, HiSplit

Sharing large size files can be difficult as a result of huge size and limited storage capacity media. One easy way to share large files is by splitting them into smaller and more manageable pieces. Just like Simple Text Splitter tool, HiSplit is another easy to use portable file splitter

Split large text files with portable text splitter

Do you have large text file which is getting difficult to manage? One easy way to deal with large text files is by splitting them into smaller manage-able text files. Simple Text Splitter is a free portable tool to split any large text based file like txt, log, srt into smaller chunks or

Free tool to Split, merge & join PDF & TIFF files with drag & drop

Do you want quick and super easy way to split PDF & TIFF files? FaxTool is straight forward small utility that allows splitting and merging of any PDF / TIFF file(s). It works with easy to use "drag N drop" feature for splitting and merging files. To get started: 1. Download

3 File Splitters to Send/Store Large files with ease

How to stuff in a 2MB file in a floppy disk? How to squeeze 1 GB file to a CD disk? Well, technical both tasks are impossible. However, there is a work-around which can allow you to stuff 2MB file in 2 floppy disks. Similarly a 1GB file into 2 CD disks. Best way to stuff in bigger files