5 Ways to Open docx Word Document Files


Docx is file format extension of Word document files (.docx) created using new Microsoft Office Word program from Microsoft. It replaces .doc format of file extension used in older Microsoft Word program. As a result, docx Word document files do not open in older version of MS Office software. Ideally, one would require latest Microsoft Office Word software program to open, edit and read docx format Word document files.

Can I open docx files without installing latest Office

Still, is there way to open docx files without spending money on new Office software and installing it on computer just to open docx document files? Well, there are many way to do so. Following are few online and offline methods/workarounds to read the content of docx files.

1. Open docx online – You can open docx files online without any software install. Just open drive.google.com website and login using Gmail or Google account. Upload your docx file for automatic conversion into read-able format. After conversion, you can open and view uploaded docx file content online.

2. Open docx with Older version of Office –If you already have older version of Microsoft Office, then you only need to install compatibility pack over existing install. After this install you will able to read docx files in pre-existing Microsoft Office install – Download Microsoft Compatibility Pack

3. No Software install, convert files to doc format online – This is best method to open, read docx files without hassle of installing any software updates. Use either these online tools to convert docx file into doc file format: Zamzar (it is quick and best tool for online docx file conversion).

4. Compatibility with Open Office –If you have Open Office installed on your computer, then you need to install Open XML Translator to able to read docx files – Download Open XML Translator

5. Solution for Office installed on Mac – For MS Office install on Macintosh system (Apple’s Mac) you need to install Microsoft Office Open XML File Format Converter for Mac – Download Open XML File Format Converter

6. Chrome Office Viewer extension (latest method)  Chrome Office Viewer extension allows you to open Microsoft Word docx (and doc format) files within Google Chrome browser. Additionally, you can also open PowerPoint and Excel files of .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx formats. Only limitation, as of now this extension is experimental and only works in Google Chrome beta version. You will get error if you attempt to install this extension in stable version of Google Chrome.

All the above methods work for opening docx extension word document files. If you are looking for quick one off conversion of docx into doc format, then use Zamzar (2nd method). It allows quick conversion into read-able format without installing any software, just need internet to access Zamzar website.



  1. thank u for zamzar method sir………. :)

  2. Ham Radio says

    Thank you for the referral to Zamzar. The file conversion to .pdf worked perfectly.

  3. Wasi Janjua says

    the first option is great theres no need to convert the file manually it just do automatically

  4. Is it possible to save a word document that was created on a MAC using microsoft office 2013 in a format that is accessible to older versions of microsoft office 2003-2007-2010 on a PC (or mac)?
    I often send estimates to customers who have older versions and I feel bad when it is such a hassle for them to simply open it. (And I wouldn’t think of asking them to download (or buy) a program just so they can open/view my estimate attachment.

    Thanks in advance.


    • If you have the Microsoft Office installed, you can do this by clicking on “Save As..” and then choose any older version from the dropdown menu. MS Office and most other professional softwares are backward compatible.

  5. Zamzar worked great just like you said. Got my file in about 10 seconds. Thanks very much for posting this!

  6. Zeeshan Warraich says

    It was extremely help full. Thank you very much. :)

  7. the best way out is installing the compatibility pack. that way you don’t have to worry about frequent online/desktop conversions. just click on any .docx and your word 2003/2 opens it for you. no hassles, to mention.

  8. Brilliant post.

    I used first step, I downloaded Microsoft Compatibility Pack. I worked perfectly for me.

    Thank you !

  9. Thanks a lot. It worked well!Regards,

  10. The Web Traffic Wizard says

    Thank you so much. I just got a new computer and I don’t have Word yet. This really helped!

  11. thank you so much for this article you saved me from rewriting my folio all over again

  12. Am I missing something? Why can’t you rename the file extension from “.docx” to “.doc”? That works for me. I just drag it onto my desktop, rename, and open….

    • Brandon Kelly says

      if you just rename it, then instead of “example.docx” it will be “example.doc.docx” … it stills stays docx

      • As the article said, the docx extension is markedly different from doc. I’ve changed the extension before in the case of pptx –> ppt. Sometimes it works but sometimes it corrupts the data. Safe to say that ‘brute forcing’ the docx to doc is not advisable.

        If you still want to try, you can go to ‘Folder Options’ —> ‘View’ tab and uncheck ‘Hide extensions for known file types’. Be warned though, meddling with the extensions of ANY file type carry a significant amount of corruption risk.

  13. I tried the two online docx converters. They both promised Emails in response which never came

  14. The 2 online converters dont do a damn thing, completely worthless, probably just trolling for email addresses. DONT USE THEM!!!!

  15. Thanks for the information, this was the most detailed info I could find, what about Office Starter Kit, which Microsoft offers free and can open Docx files? Any comment on this is appreciated.

    • heyy mate if you have microsoft 2007 starter or not you can still open DOCX file cuz mines just converted all my documents to DOCX and i can still open them so waste your time converting them

  16. thankx for saveing my time i need to edit my cv . thankx

  17. The upload tools did not work for whatever reason. I then just uploaded it to Google Docs (asking Docs to convert it into a Google Doc) and it worked!

  18. I am very dubious about using Zamzar since this is a web-based service. For those with highly sensitive documents, you are opening up yourself to exposure- who knows who’s looking at your docs at Zamzar.

    I prefer to handle all my docx to doc or doc to docx file conversion on my own computer. Since I use a Mac, the only program to batch convert docx to doc or vice versa is Batch Docx Converter – here’s the site: docxtodoc.net

  19. Google Docs does this effortlessly. I converted a document to 2 solutions mentioned above and I am still waiting for the email telling me they are ready to download. Google Docs is nearly instant.

    And once you have uploaded a .docx to convert to a .doc is to click on the title of the document in your documents list, then File>Download as>Word doc. Boom, done.

  20. allenallen says

    If you want, you can use Microsoft Access. You’ll have to add your own loop and dir lookup to this but I think it is helpful to see it in it’s simplest form first.

    Sub docx2doc()

    ‘****** Open a docx file and save it as a doc file
    ‘****** Add looping and dir as needed for multiple files,
    ‘****** this is in the simplest form for instructional purposes.
    ‘****** This is taken from many online sources but…
    ‘****** I could not find it stated so simply in one place.

    Dim objApp As Object
    Dim strDocName As String
    Dim sFname As String
    Set objApp = CreateObject(“Word.Application”)
    strDocName = “C:\Temp\test.docx”
    strDocSaveName = “C:\Temp\test.doc”
    ‘ OPEN————————–
    objApp.Documents.Open strDocName
    ‘ SAVE AS———————–
    objApp.Activedocument.SaveAs FileName:=strDocSaveName, FileFormat:=wdFormatDocument97
    ‘ CLOSE————————-
    End Sub

  21. No. 2 is no good, Novell is no longer offering this for free.

  22. Dear, Zamzar works really well for converting .DOCX Files to .DOC Files.

  23. Mangesh S. Waghaye says

    3. Zamzar is very usefull.

  24. thx a lot bro…

  25. convert free online – apps.phplivedocx.org/convert/docx-to-doc/

  26. 6- Upload to google docs account.

    I didn’t test with docx files, but i know that it works for doc files.

  27. works perfectly thanks guys!

  28. Thanks – no.4 did the job!

  29. Zamzar.com is really good and quick!

  30. christine says

    zamzar always works! (for me i guess??).. ever time i need it, it does not disappoint me.. :)

  31. ZAMZAR worked fine for me. It took less than two minutes to convert the file.. Thanks

  32. Doug Browning says

    I tried to d/l the Open XML Translator and all I get is:

    We’re sorry, we are unable to complete the download at this time.

    This download is no longer available.

  33. FYI, you can also use google docs. docs.google.com

  34. ive checked my mail three times and i haven’t recieved anything. ive used both Zamzar and docx converter but they are not working, why?

  35. I use Windows XP with Office 2003. I think I only can open docx format offline with OpenOffice. I am lazy to download OpenOffice because it has very large size (135.36mb). After read your article above, i try to download Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats that only 37mb in size.

    Thank you very much for your useful article … .

  36. Its Really very helpful for us becuase most of time i get guest post for my blog in docx format so now that posts are useful for me..

  37. Thank You for sharing!!! I try the online converter and is not working every time i browse file and upload its said cant read file…don’t know why

    Download install Microsoft Office Compatibility and its work great

    Thank once again

  38. thanks a ton. a nagging headache is resolved. kudos

  39. ZamZar is VERY slow. It takes me 5-6 minutes a file….

    • Actually a lot longer….

      • It suckxsz .. indeedee!

        Does anyone know of a small, lightweight program that can READ .doc programs?
        I have decided not to install my old OFFICE 2003 plus all the updates necessary.

        I know there are freebees like OFFICE ONE SOLUTIONS, but they are all very heavy.
        Surely there must be another option?


  40. ZAMZAR did very well. I can’t be happier !

  41. thanks dude…

  42. Im trying to open a docx.txt file, nothing is working!

  43. excellent info! thank you

  44. I’ve been using zamzar to convert audio files for a long time, but this weekend when I went to the site I got a warning from my virus checker and sure enough, my computer had been infected with the vondo variant – it’s a browser hijacker, and it was a huge pain to get rid of. I feel positive that the zamzar site has been hacked – I don’t think at all that they mean to infect their users – but be careful.

  45. ZamZar does not require registration to use it only asks in the email if you want to sign up, But you do NOT have to. Also there are no viruses IDK what’s wrong with people but ZamZar worked great for me took no more than 45 seconds to get my file converted.

  46. Perfect! Doc.x to Doc in 30 seconds.

  47. thank you very much . it helped me !

  48. Jitendra yadav says

    Dear Sir,
    Realy Thankyou 4 You …..

  49. cool thanks man, just downloaded the pack from microsoft, worked a treat.
    thanks again.

  50. Online tools dont work. dont waste your time

    • I just used ZamzAm and it converted the document, however as I opened the file my anti-virus detected that a virus came with it.

      So beware of the services you use online as people offer services for free with malicious intentions. =(

  51. You can download the “Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats” for free. This will permit you to open files from colleagues and friends with the .docx extension.


    Hope this helps,

    :-) Linda

  52. Andrew says:
    May 14, 2009 at 12:34 am
    Thank you very much dude, works a treat, great find. keep the net free and open source!

  53. Word reader with which you can open and read Office 2007 Docx files and Office 97-2003 docs files.

  54. Thank you for this…I didn’t want to upgrade my Office, so the MS patch was just what I was looking for! :-)

  55. I like http://docx.oconvert.com more than zamzar. It’s simpler and doesn’t’ requires any registration.

  56. The Zamsar option seems to be the best option. Thanks a lot.

  57. Yeah, I hate Bill Gates and will NEVER buy another windows product. When my stuff finally dies, I’m going Apple all the way. I was suckered into VISTA! and what a mistake that turned out to be. System is totally slow and unstable.

  58. mathisrimurugan tiruchendur says

    It’s a nice information, I really enjoy it, and try to convert one .docx file to .doc file

    Thanks a lot

  59. WOW! Microsoft creates a new version of Office that doesn’t communicate with previous versions of Office. Why are they doing this? I guess it’s a “marketing” move to “encourage” all of us to buy a new copy of Microsoft Office. Well, guess what? I paid a lot of money for Office XP back when I bought it. It still works fine except I can’t open the new files from Office 2007. SO if this become a real problem I am going to switch to Open Office. I’ll be damned if I buy anything from Microsoft because they tried to FORCE me to do it. As time passes we will all eventually move to MACs, just because of stunts like this from Microsoft.

    • Precisely my thoughts. I’ll be damned if I’ll buy anything from Microsoft because they are trying to FORCE me to do so.

  60. My GM not able to open DOCX today, he ask me for solution and using Google I reach to this page. I download the microsoft compatibility pack – install – and it’s working he able to open the .DOCX file. :) thank you

  61. Zamzar worked perfectly – and I’m hopeless with computers! Thanks a lot for this tip.

  62. thanks so lot…
    i almost cry when my assignment turn 2 doxc file…thanks 2 ZAMZAR.like ‘ai’ said….u saved my life…

  63. Thank you for pointing me to Zamzar! I’ve looked everywhere and couldn’t find a free online conversion tool. You saved my life! ;)

  64. I agree with a couple of the other comments. I have tried using docx converter on more than one occasion and it has never worked. One time they emailed me a link supposedly to my converted document but it went to an error page. I contacted support and they never responded. Don’t waste your time with this one!

  65. I’m using win me how to convert docx to doc

  66. Hi,
    Zamzar worked but I prefer to return the document to the sender and request it be resent in a non-proprietary format (.doc, .pdf etc.) I am not contributing to Bill Gates or his foundation by being coerced into repeatedly “updating” products that already do all I need.

  67. zamzar worked..the other one didnt!..but thnx!:)

  68. Thank you! I used Zamzar Beta for the free conversion on December 25th. Really fast response time let me proceed with the editing task on my plate.
    Thank you,

  69. Hi
    It’s a nice information, I really enjoy it, and try to convert one .docx file to .doc file

    Thanks a lot

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