Auto delete internet history in Firefox on exit

Clearing internet browsing history is very important to free up hard disk space and to keep your browsing details private from other users. Firefox users can easily setup automatic deletion of internet history files and private data. Firefox has handy feature that allows clearing of

Restore file, folder Delete confirmation box on Windows 8

By default a confirmation dialog box is displayed whenever we try to delete any file or folder. Unlike in Windows 7, newer Windows 8 do not display delete confirmation dialog box by default. So, if you delete specific file or folder - it goes directly into Recycle bin without prompting you

Delete erroneous, undelete-able files on Windows

Are you getting error while trying to delete file on Windows computer? In some cases, files just do not delete or remove and continuously give error on any attempt for deletion. Thankfully, there is workaround to delete such erroneous / undelete-able files on the computer. Easy steps to

Bypass Recycle Bin to directly delete files, folders

By default, when you delete any file or folder on Windows computer - it is sent to Recycle Bin (unless you are using Shift + DEL keys shortcut). Do you want to directly delete files and folders without need to send them to recycle bin? You can easily configure such setting for direct

Delete duplicate PST ghost files [Outlook Ghostbuster]

Sometimes, a PST file can appear twice in Outlook application. Second instance of PST file is duplicate file copy and is not required for functioning. Duplicate PST file can appear as "Archive" PST file or as folders from duplicated "Archive" PST file. You may get error ["There was an

Delete Files permanently: FileKiller freeware

By default when you delete a file on Windows computer, only the location address pointing to the file is deleted and not the actual file. That 'so called deleted' file can still be recovered using file recovery programs. To delete file(s) permanently, you need to delete its location

Open & delete Prefetch files (.pf) on Windows

Prefetch files are temporary files containing information about application programs, which helps in quicker loading of programs. Each time you open a program, an associated prefetch file is created. That file is used for quicker loading of program, next time you try to run it. You can

Delete orphaned & duplicate DLL files on Windows

As we install and remove program applications on Windows, lot of temporary DLL junk files are left on the computer. You can easily perform PC clean up using free utility "PC Cleaner". It helps remove temporary files and folder. It can also perform deep scan for orphaned and duplicate DLL

Search & delete duplicate images on desktop

Majority of computer users download and share lot of images on daily basis. Now more people click digital images and share via their computers and laptops. With more images, problem of duplicate photos always exists. Portable tool "Image Duplicates Search" can easily help you find and

Find & Delete files older than specified number of days

Over period of time, we tend to accumulate lot of file that may not be required now. One easy way to clean files junk is by deleting old files. "Clean Drive" is a handy utility that allows searching of files older than specified number of days. You can selectively delete older files and

Delete Flash Cookies saved by Internet browsing

Number of files and cookies are downloaded as you surf websites on the internet. Flash Cookies. also known as PIE (persistent identification element) and LSO (local shared objects): contain small bits of data about websites you visit. Hence, one can easily extract your browsing history by

Unlock, delete, copy & rename locked files: Lock Hunter

Some files on computer are locked and as a result cannot be modifiied like: rename, deletion or copy. Lock Hunter is handy utility to unlock such files and further delete or edit them. It allows you to delete locked files and send them to recycle bin (later you may restore those files from