Delete orphaned & duplicate DLL files on Windows


As we install and remove program applications on Windows, lot of temporary DLL junk files are left on the computer. You can easily perform PC clean up using free utility “PC Cleaner”. It helps remove temporary files and folder. It can also perform deep scan for orphaned and duplicate DLL files. You can later delete any DLL file from scan results.

Scan & Remove orphan, duplicate DLL files

1. Download PC Cleaner program & install it on PC.
2. Launch the program & click Orphan DLLs option.


3. Click “Start the analysis” button for DLL file scanning.
4. After the scan, delete any DLL file shown in scan results (be careful).

Similarly, you can scan and delete duplicate DLL files on the computer. It also provide option to restore deleted DLL files (just in case). Besides DLL file cleaning, you can also use this program to delete temporary files and folders. Ready for some PC cleaning?



  1. Some people don’t know what to do to waste their time: the very concept of this application is fundamentally stupid. There is not one advantage to deleta orphaned and/or duplicate dll files. Besides recovering 0.00000000001% of disk space.
    Gosh, in 2010 this craps remains? I mean, think at the concept before coding, an application is not a candy-bar :)
    At least, it’s freeware! Seriously, I’ve seen worse that yhis garbage proposed as shareware, I mean it :)

    • I recovered about 400MB of space by deleting duplicate DLLs and replacing them with symbolic links to the single original file. I use a 100GB hard drive, and every bit of space helps. In total, I’ve saved about 10GB of space by deleting random duplicate files and the windows update cache.

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