How to delete web Apps from Google Chrome

Chrome Web Apps provide an easy way to extend functionality and do more within Google Chrome browser. They allow quick way to access web contents and applications of your interest. Any Google Chrome users can install apps of choice from official Chrome Web Store. We have already seen

Remove username from Start menu on Windows 7

Username of logged in user is displayed on the Start Menu on Windows 7 computer. Do you want to hide or remove display of username of account on the start menu? You can easily remove username on the start menu by customizing 'Start Menu' settings in few simple clicks. Windows 7: Hide

Uninstall & remove Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 bring lot of new features and enhancements. You can easily download and install Internet Explorer 9 browser software on your Windows computer. Like with all new software updates, you may encounter errors or feel unconformable with new interface of Internet Explorer 9.

Remove / hide Clock from Windows 7 taskbar

Clock showing time and date information at right side of taskbar is default feature on Windows operating system. Do you want to remove or hide clock from Windows 7 taskbar? Few users may want to remove clock for neater looking taskbar or there could be other reason for the same. Windows 7

How to repair & remove MS Office 2010

Do you want to uninstall or remove Microsoft Office 2010 software installed on the computer? User may want to remove MS Office for re-installing it again in order to fix specific error. Alternatively, you can attempt to repair copy of Microsoft Office 2010 installed on the computer instead

Remove ‘change background image’ feature from Google

Google is experimenting and implementing lot of user interface ideas from Bing search. Previously, it was new left sidebar feature turning Google Search result page from 2 columns to 3 columns. Many users wanted to remove left sidebar and switch to classic Google. Now, Google has launched

How to disable & remove Norton DNS settings

Norton DNS provide robust alternative to likes of Open DNS and Google DNS. You can easily setup Norton DNS on your Windows PC or MAC OSX system. After setup, you can monitor Norton DNS status and confirm on the fact it is working fine on the system. You can easily disable and remove Norton

How to uninstall & remove Adobe Air

Adobe Air is a technology platform for running programs and applications build on Adobe Air. There are number of useful programs that require Adobe Air, for example: Tweetdeck, TiltShift generator, Joost player and so on. If for some reason you want to remove and get rid of Adobe Air from

How to remove languages from MS Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 support multiple languages. You can switch and use different language settings for creating documents in different language as per requirement. However, majority of users prefer to work in one language and may want to remove other languages from Office 2010 suite. You

Remove & clear text formatting in Word 2010

You can style text in Word document manually or quick Style Sets for instant customization of text formatting. At times, we need to remove all text formatting from all or selected text. This can be easily done in Microsoft Word 2010 program by clicking 'Clear Formatting button'. This

Remove ‘People you follow’ Google Reader social feature

Google Reader is used by lot of user for quick and easy online browsing of RSS feed content. It has introduced few social feature found under 'People you follow' on the left sidebar. There you can see recommended posts from specific users and comments. Do you want to remove this feature

How to remove Facebook applications

Facebook is a hugely popular social networking website that even children are tempted to create Facebook account for addictive interaction. With lot of personal information connected to each Facebook profile, it is important to keep it safe and secure. One easy way to achieve this is by