Remove ‘change background image’ feature from Google


Google is experimenting and implementing lot of user interface ideas from Bing search. Previously, it was new left sidebar feature turning Google Search result page from 2 columns to 3 columns. Many users wanted to remove left sidebar and switch to classic Google. Now, Google has launched feature to add and change background image wallpaper to Google Search interface.

Do you want to remove this feature? For users in love with simplistic user interfaces, background image on Google for sure is an annoyance. As of now, there is no direct way to remove background image feature – however, you can explore following workarounds.

1. Use Google SSL instead of usual Google search

Google SSL is more secure version of Google search. In Google SSL all search keywords sent from your computer to Google server are encrypted and cannot be intercepted by any third party in the middle. Besides being more secure, Google SSL does not have option to change background image – cool, isn’t it?

2. Use Google search without Google account login

If you are logged into your Google account, you will see ‘change background image’ link at bottom left part of Google search homepage. Just log out from your Google account and go back to Google search homepage – ‘change background image’ should no longer be visible. UPDATE – Google is randomly showing ‘change background image’ link even when NOT loggged in.

3. Use local Google Search domains

Instead of using – you can use local Google search domain. As of now, – and so on does not have change background image feature.

Do you know any other way to remove Google background image feature? Share with us by adding a comment below – happy Googling!



  1. Heavy Web Surfer says


    I don’t know why you are complaining about removing background from Google homepage when THERE IS a WAY to do it. Simply click on the ‘change background image’ then from the left click ‘No background’ the click ‘select’. You are done.

  2. why would you all complaining about this feature?
    just log out your google account or click something at corner-bottom-right

    that will make Gbackground disappear

  3. I have tried everything signed up to account etc nothing will remove it. I am now removing google from my computer never to use again. I have wasted enough of my time on these morons.

  4. Firefox – Download the NoScript Add-on. Once installed open the Google home page and look for the NoScript Icon in your Status Bar. Right click and forbid scripts from Google. Backgrounds will disappear and page will return to white.

  5. mobman007 says

    That was really bugging me.

    My browser default homepage was google, I got annoyed and changed my homepage to . It was a better alternative. My internet connection is not so fast, so it took so much time to load the entire background image.

  6. looks pretty clean (and familiar).

    If Google doesn’t turn it off — not offer a sequence of steps to work around it, but JUST TURN IT OFF AUTOMATICALLY — they can die in a fire as far as I’m concerned.

  7. Local search domains are now polluted as well (or at least the UK one is which I use by preference as it allows UK only searches which are often useful to me). However you can use or (or which isn’t quite the same as plain white google but not too bad.

  8. Dear Google. Forcing stuff onto punters never works. Give us the option to remove the background image without having to create an account, or lose people to other browsers. Firefox anyone?

  9. Check one of these solutions:

  10. Firefox has a “nuke anything enhanced” add-on that adds a context menu option to “remove this object.” Right-clicking on the background will allow its removal, but you have to do it every time.

  11. I hate this feature. Why can’t Google give us an option to CHOOSE whether we want the f’n background or not?

    Use Firefox + GreaseMonkey. There is a script for everything within a few hours :D

    I use currently: “Remove Google Background” from

  12. If this isnt some dumb attemp to get users to register, i dont know what is.

    Google can do what they want, thats fine, rest assure its stupid as hell. and you know what, ill try bing out

  13. What worked for me; use nummeric ip-address of
    For example
    It shows Google with the minimal interface in my own language.

    • They are now displaying an image whether you like it or not, and unless I have missed something, have to sign up to an account to have the option of removing it! Bad choice Google!

  14. Dammt ALL!
    I LIKE this new feature! Even LOVE it!

    That small bottom link is not any problem for me, and, the sidebar is cool and functional!! I even have option to persist the background into Search Result page.

  15. jackinabox says

    I bookmarked: . Works like a charm.

  16. unbelievable…what a joke! What a farce! The best thing about Google is its white background….

    unbelievable that somebody is responsible for this

  17. On Internet Explorer (it may exists also on Firefox but didn’t tested yet [just saw this feature this morning … and no local version do have this feature too. I’m connection with]) :

    In internet setting, click on accessibility, select a custom css stylesheet and in this stylesheet put these lines :

    visibility: hidden !important;

    (Don’t know how it will show in the comment)

    Then restart Internet Explorer. Doing this will also make the links at the middle of the page invisible as they are written in white but for me it’s perfect as I never use them (link at the top of the page [those for other google apps] are in blue so no problem to access other features).

    Extra bonus:

    add this to this custom css and you’ll get rid of Bing’s ads and sponsored links which appear in search results. :

    display: none;
    height: 0;

    display: none;
    height: 0;


  18. @Davinder you said to use hate to tell you but now has it now.. :(

  19. Unwanted background image is on today, but not on doesn’t do search-suggestion as you type a query, and that is a google feature I like (but NOT the background images).

    At least there isn’t all that extraneous garbage that adds, but how long before google copies that as well.

  20. cataleptic says

    Google are running scared that Bing will overtake them in the search business.

    Bing is good for what it is, but everyone knows google has more search results.

    Making it pretty is not really needed if people just go to the site to find other sites.

    Google have made a major mistake with not having a remove button.

    At this rate people will move over to BING!

  21. was infested this morning :(

  22. Wow, when did Microsoft buy google? they’re forcing fading links, sidebars, background images, and obviously don’t care about the end users. Sad really.

  23. another option says

    block the image using adblock. not perfect but less annoying than the stupid background

  24. I’ve had it!!! I’m sick and tired of you people dicking around with the homepage. Adding this, adding that, and now pigs. You’re nothing but a ####ing joke. I’m switching my homepage to YAHOO.

  25. Allan Carley says

    Excellent solution! Did not know about the SSL version. Works great!
    Thanks so much! Do not like Bing, do not care for Bing, do not use Bing.
    Enough said…

  26. Carol Webb says

    I also hate the piggies I want the old simple google home page with white background how do I let google know I don’t like any of their alternative backgrounds

  27. Disable javascript for a quick fix. This is easy to do if you are running FF + Web Developer Toolbar. Or set your web browser’s homepage to:

    Neither are elegant solutions, but it’s what I am doing for now.

    I don’t like the piggies.

  28. dammit google. I DONT WANT THIS



    • glad to see that I’m not alone. disappointed that google has yet again, gone the path of the dark side. The dark side is that “corporate knows best” mentality that these idiots eventually fall into. They were complimented and even recommended for having the fastest start-up search page, exclusively devoid of graphics. Then came the doodle, and agreed many of them have been extrordinary, but no way to turn them off, and now the background image, the entire reason why they were touted as not being cumbersome, not being cluttered, not being annoying … but now .. corporate knows best … since it seems BING has to promote itself as “not dull or ordinary” … must be a good thing.. so google thinks everyone should have it. google knows best.. f**king tards.

    • I agree!

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