How to disable & remove Norton DNS settings


Norton DNS provide robust alternative to likes of Open DNS and Google DNS. You can easily setup Norton DNS on your Windows PC or MAC OSX system. After setup, you can monitor Norton DNS status and confirm on the fact it is working fine on the system. You can easily disable and remove Norton DNS settings to revert back to default DNS settings on the computer.

Remove & disable Norton DNS

1. On Windows, open Control Panel by going to Sart (> Settings) > Control Panel.

2. Then open “Network Connection” icon in Control Panel window.

3. Now right click current connection and then click “Properties”.

4. On General tab of Connection Properties, click to select “Obtain DNS server address automatically” to switch to default DNS settings from Norton DNS IP addresses.

On MAC system, open System Preferences. Goto Network > current Network Adapter and click Advanced. On the DNS tab replace NortonDNS addresses with your recursive resolver IP addresses.


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