Best free & fast public DNS servers list

DNS is responsible for converting website host name (like into its corresponding ip address (like Whenever you open any website, such conversion takes place in the background with the help of DNS server to finally open the website page. Hence, DNS (Domain Name

How to disable & remove Norton DNS settings

Norton DNS provide robust alternative to likes of Open DNS and Google DNS. You can easily setup Norton DNS on your Windows PC or MAC OSX system. After setup, you can monitor Norton DNS status and confirm on the fact it is working fine on the system. You can easily disable and remove Norton

Check if computer using Norton DNS service

Norton DNS is a free DNS service for non-commercial use. It allows faster web browsing as a result of quicker resolving of website URLs into their respective IP addresses. You do not need to install any software to setup Norton DNS on the computer. Just change network settings to use

Setup & use Norton DNS on Mac, Windows PC

Whenever you visit a website (like, its address is converted into respective IP address as computers computers only connect to IP addresses and not human-friendly names. Besides options of using Open DNS and Google DNS,you can also try Norton DNS. Besides faster web browsing