Best free & fast public DNS servers list


DNS is responsible for converting website host name (like into its corresponding ip address (like Whenever you open any website, such conversion takes place in the background with the help of DNS server to finally open the website page. Hence, DNS (Domain Name Server) is important for surfing the internet: as faster DNS server will perform host to ip conversion faster, thereby opening websites more quickly. Following is list of best public DNS services, which you may choose for internet browsing.

List of Free & Fast public DNS service providers

1. Google DNS [] is a free DNS service from Google with IPv6 support. Backed by Google’s infrastructure, it can be speedy and efficient alternative to your current DNS service. You can easily setup Google DNS on Windows computer for faster internet browsing. IP addresses of Google DNS are: and

2. Open DNS [] has been one of the more reliable and older free DNS service. You can easily configure open DNS on your computer for faster, safer and reliable web browsing experience. IP addresses of Open DNS are: and

3. Norton DNS [] service comes from Norton known for their excellent security and malware protection software. Notron DNS promises safe web browsing by providing security from un-safe websites. You can easily use Norton DNS on Windows or Mac system. IP addresses of Norton DNS are: and

4. Scrub IT [] DNS service promises clean and speedy web browsing. This free filtered DNS service scrubs out the bad stuff and is simple to use. IP addresses of Scrub IT are: and

5. DNS Advantage [] is another free DNS service that handles DNS requests exclusively through UltraDNS’s proprietary Directory Services Platform. It promises more smarter and safer web experience. IP addresses of DNS Advantage are: and

6. Smart Viper [] is free public DNS service but without the IPv6 DNS resolution support. IP addresses of Smart Viper DNS service are: and

Above are few popular and free DNS service providers. So which DNS service is fastest and more secure? Well, choice may vary as per individual past experiences. However, majority of users prefer Open DNS or Google DNS as their default DNS provider. A good pointer to begin with, isn’t it?


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