Best free & fast public DNS servers list

DNS is responsible for converting website host name (like into its corresponding ip address (like Whenever you open any website, such conversion takes place in the background with the help of DNS server to finally open the website page. Hence, DNS (Domain Name

Backup DNS settings & switch to Google DNS automatically

By default we use ISP (Internet Service Provider) DNS for surfing websites on the internet. Now you can alternatively switch to Google DNS service for faster and more secure internet surfing. You can manually setup Google DNS on your Windows computer and use Google DNS server instead of

Setup Google DNS on Windows for faster internet

So now when you know 'What is Google DNS' in simple words, you may want to use Google DNS on your Windows computer instead of default ISPs DNS. Just like OpenDNS, Google DNS can be easily setup on Windows based computer (XP, Vista and 7). It promises faster internet browsing as a result of

What is Google DNS service

DNS stands for Domain Name Server, it is responsible for conversion of domain names like ( into respective IP address. By default when you try to open website, ISPs (Internet Service provider) DNS server converts the domain name into IP address and allows you to open website. If