How to uninstall & remove Adobe Air


Adobe Air is a technology platform for running programs and applications build on Adobe Air. There are number of useful programs that require Adobe Air, for example: Tweetdeck, TiltShift generator, Joost player and so on. If for some reason you want to remove and get rid of Adobe Air from computer, following methods should help (specially when Adobe Air install has been corrupted).

From Add & Remove programs window

Best and most easy way to remove Adobe Air software from computer is using “Add and Remove” feature in Windows.

1. Goto Start > Control Panel.

2. Double click “Add and Remove programs” icon.

3. Click “Remove” button next to Adobe Air.

However, if the Adobe Air install on computer is corrupt – then PC will freeze or give error and Adobe Air uninstallation won’t complete. Explore following methods for getting rid of Adobe Air.

Use Command line removal process

On Windows use following command line:
C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Desktop\selfextractor_air_1.x.x_installer.exe” -uninstall

On Mac OS, run the following in the terminal:
“/Adobe AIR AIR Installer -uninstall”

Manual deletion method

Incase both the above methods do not work, then you can use extreme step of manual deletion of Adobe Air. Goto “C > Program Files > Common Files” folder and delete Adobe Air folder. If you get error while deleting Adobe Air folder, then delete internal folders and attempt to delete Adobe Air folder again.

Once Adobe Air folder is deleted, goto to download latest version of Adobe Air. Install the Adobe Air package, later you can leave the package installed for future use. Alternatively, you can use “Add and Remove” method now for complete removal of Adobe Air. Make sure you restart or reboot PC after Adobe Air installation.


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