Sign PDF documents using finger on iPad & mobile

Signing PDF document with unique signature add seal of security and identity to your documents. New release of Adobe Reader X application makes routine of adding signature to a PDF file very simple - involving just few finger swipes. Using your finger you can add custom signature to a PDF

Add Instagram effects to images in Photoshop on Windows

Do you love adding Instagram like effects to your photos? Since Instagram is only available as iOS app for Apple devices, Window users might be looking for ways for similar implementation. Now you can render Instagram like filter effects to images using Adobe Photoshop software installed

How to create Adobe PDF files on iPad

Dealing with PDF files on iPad has always been issue. While we have already discussed on ways to open PDF files on iPad device, here is neat way of Adobe PDF file creation. Now you can easily create PDF files on iOS devices like iPad and iPhone using official Adobe Systems app 'Adobe

Download Adobe Flash Player for 64 bit Windows 7

Users with 64 bit version of Operating system has been eagerly waiting for Adobe Flash Player 64 bit release. Well, wait is over as Adobe Flash Player 11 beta is available for download for 32 bit and 64 bit operating system users. Though Adobe Flash Player 11 is still in beta, one can

Install 64bit Adobe Flash player ‘Square’

Are you looking for Adobe Flash support on your computer with 64-bit operating system? You can download and install Adobe Flash Player "Square" to enable native support for 64-bit operating systems and 64-bit web browsers. It is a preview release that supports 64-bit operating system

How to uninstall & remove Adobe Air

Adobe Air is a technology platform for running programs and applications build on Adobe Air. There are number of useful programs that require Adobe Air, for example: Tweetdeck, TiltShift generator, Joost player and so on. If for some reason you want to remove and get rid of Adobe Air from

Download Adobe PhotoShop CS5, free trial

Adobe Photoshop CS5 was released few days back with all new features. Newer version has lot of features like content aware filter, better edge detection, wet paint, puppet tool, patch match, brush Stroke effect and many more. Now trial version Adobe Photoshop CS5 is available for free

Convert digital camera raw files into DNG format

Each camera brand has own specifications to process raw information to able to produce JPEG / TIFF image files. Users can convert digital camera raw files into more universal file format DNG (digital negative) as it is a safer file format to use for long term image archival purposes.

New features of Adobe Photoshop CS5 software

Adobe Photoshop is best image editing software suite. New version, Adobe Photoshop CS5 should be released on Monday, April 12, 2010 at 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm GMT. CS5 promises lot of new features and improvements. Some new additions like 'content aware fill' feature is already making lot

Listen to PDF file text with Adobe Reader

Are you tired of continuous reading an e-book or a document file? Why not sit back, relax and hear to the pdf file text instead of reading! You can easily do this within Adobe Reader program. It has integrated text to speech conversion feature that makes text audible without any ned to

5 best Free Adobe Photoshop alternatives

Adobe Photoshop is THE software for majority of graphics designer. Starting off with Photoshop software is not easy due to heavy load of feature sets, options and its costs. If you are looking for free software alternatives to Adobe Photoshop, then checkout following list. Gimp and

Disable Adobe automatic update download window

Majority of computer users install Adobe Acrobat Reader software on their PC to add support for opening PDF files. This single Adobe software can result in irritating pop-up reminders and automatic download window emerging after every few days. Do you want to get rid of this update window