How to uninstall & remove Adobe Air

Adobe Air is a technology platform for running programs and applications build on Adobe Air. There are number of useful programs that require Adobe Air, for example: Tweetdeck, TiltShift generator, Joost player and so on. If for some reason you want to remove and get rid of Adobe Air from

Capture Screenshot images from FLV Youtube video

Do you want to capture still images from a FLV Youtube video? Flapture is a free Adobe Air program that makes this all easy and quick. You can load and play any FLV Youtube video in this program, pause the video and capture screenshot of that moment. To get started, you need to have FLV

See Joost videos on desktop, Adobe Air media player

Joost is a cool website to view loads of interesting video content. Now you can bring Joost videos from your browser to desktop using Adobe Air based Joost Media Player. The player has over 400 television shows, a library of over 10,000 music videos and a large selection of films. Player

Free Screen measure tool PixelWindow -Win, Mac, Linux

Do you want to measure any damn thing on your computer screen? Pixel Window free application makes this super easy. It shows a see-through ruler with dimensions on either side. Using mouse you can move, resize the ruler on the object you want to measure on the screen and easily know the

TiltShift Generator adds professional effect to images

TiltShift refers to adding focus to usual images and make them look more professional - model like images. We have already seen web based Tilt-shift maker to add focus and professional touch to images in few simple clicks. Here is another way to render same effect using: TiltShift

Read New York Times on desktop with Times Reader

If you love reading NewYork Times articles and news reports - then Times Reader is for you. You can access content of NewYork Times website on Adobe Air based desktop application. So, why switch from web based NewYork Times to reader based NewYork Times? Well, interface of Times

Access Google Analytics data on desktop – Polaris

Google Analytics is an excellent service to keep statistical records of any website. You can keep track of daily visitors, pageviews, search keywords brining traffic to your website. Ideally, one can access analytics data in web browser by logging into your account at Google Analytics

Geemail, desktop client for offline Gmail access

Gmail powered with Google Gears allows you offline access to email messages of your gmail account. You can also send replies, which are delivered as soon live internet connection is detected. If this is too much of task, then try free Adobe based desktop client for offline Gmail access

Moderate WordPress Blog Comments from desktop

"... Moderate Wordpress Blog comments from desktop". This is isn't a typo, Adobe Air based app 'Moderator' lets you do the same. It is a bundled package of a Wordpress plugin and

3+ Ways to Twitter from Desktop powered by AdobeAir

Are you a Twitter Addict? Even if you are NOT a Twitter addict and use Twitter once a while following should be of REAL use. Now you can do all Twitter stuff right from the comfort of your desktop. Here are 3 cool apps to get going: 1. Alert Thingy - Send and receive Twitter updates

Download Adobe Air Beta for Linux, Available Now

Adobe Air is one cool technology platform that supports even cooler apps like Font Picker, TweetDeck, ReadAir, Twhirl and many more. Adobe Air for Mac and Windows has been around for a while now. Now, Adobe Air (Beta) for Linux is out that enables Linux users

Font Preview any Text Online / Offline, Damn Easy !

We have already seen 5 cool tools to preview & compare fonts in web browser. Font Picker makes that process damn easy with both options of online and online mode. Online web service show all the fonts installed on your computer. You can type the customized text (for example: