Free Screen measure tool PixelWindow -Win, Mac, Linux


Do you want to measure any damn thing on your computer screen? Pixel Window free application makes this super easy. It shows a see-through ruler with dimensions on either side. Using mouse you can move, resize the ruler on the object you want to measure on the screen and easily know the final dimension of the specific object or part of the screen.


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You can open multiple rulers on the screen allowing you to easily measure and compare multipl;e objects on the screen. You can also adjust opacity of the ruler making it more or less transparent. Besides using mouse, you can use keyboard arrow keys to fine tune the resize process of the ruler. It has number of presets for common screen sizes for easy startup up of screen measurement process.

You can copy dimension of measured object directly to the clipboard. Using this small application you can measure objects, screen resolution and determining absolute layout coordinates while designing and developing applications. Download PixelWindow, this Adobe Air based application is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is free, open source and very useful for accurate measurement of screen elements. Here is video explaining it all:



  1. Very cool tool. Unfortunately I can not get the window to go smaller than 132×38. Any suggestions?

  2. Very cool, but is there a way to measure distances of less than 15 pixels?

    And is there any chance you would share the source?

  3. I use “MeasureIt” ,a Firefox add on for measuring dimensions on web pages.However I will also check this as I can measure anything,not only web pages.

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