Calculate distance between two points on desktop screen

Do you want to accurately measure distance between any two points on the screen? You can easily do this using free portable utility "Small Measure". It provides a dead simple way to calculate distance between two selected points on the desktop screen by using mouse pointer. Just move the

Calculate Aspect Ratio of monitor screen display

"Ratio of the physical picture width to the picture height" is called as the aspect ratio. With different type of display screen sizes like widescreen, square and more screen resolution options - width and height of screen display tend to vary from one user to another (as per use

Free Screen measure tool PixelWindow -Win, Mac, Linux

Do you want to measure any damn thing on your computer screen? Pixel Window free application makes this super easy. It shows a see-through ruler with dimensions on either side. Using mouse you can move, resize the ruler on the object you want to measure on the screen and easily know the

How to measure objects on Computer screen?

We see number of objects on computer screen, which changes regularly with change of user action from keyboard/mouse. Ever wanted to measurethe size of various objects on computer screen with good accuracy? If yes, then here is an easy way to measure anything on your screen. 'JR