How to repair & remove MS Office 2010

Do you want to uninstall or remove Microsoft Office 2010 software installed on the computer? User may want to remove MS Office for re-installing it again in order to fix specific error. Alternatively, you can attempt to repair copy of Microsoft Office 2010 installed on the computer instead

How to uninstall & remove Adobe Air

Adobe Air is a technology platform for running programs and applications build on Adobe Air. There are number of useful programs that require Adobe Air, for example: Tweetdeck, TiltShift generator, Joost player and so on. If for some reason you want to remove and get rid of Adobe Air from

How to remove Fake Antivirus software

Antivirus software is intended to protect computer from viruses and other malicious stuff. There are number of robust free Antivirus software program to keep computer safe from viruses. However, there are also number of FAKE antivirus software programs that are viruses or trojans. These

Remove corrupt Windows Live Messenger installation

Are you getting "program already installed" message while trying to reinstall Windows Live Messenger? Or Windows Live Messenger does not appear in the list of programs displayed by add/remove software windows? This is a result of broken / corrupt Windows Live Messenger installation which

Remove / uninstall web browser toolbars

Are you trying to figure out quick and easy way to remove toolbar clutter in web browser? One time consuming way is to manually remove each and every installed toolbar. Smart Toolbar Remover program makes this process all easy and quick. Just run the program to see and remove installed

Uninstall / remove Java runtime environment JRE old versions

Java runtime environment (JRE) is essential software to run Java based applications on the computer. With newer release, old version of Java is no longer required and should be removed from the computer. JavaRa is a simple portable utility to uninstall / remove older version of Java in few

Uninstall / remove Nero software with Nero General Clean tool

Is Nero security software giving trouble while trying to remove from computer? Grab Nero General Clean Tool to completely remove any Nero product from your computer. It removes all traces of Nero software on the computer and even help clean up previously stuck Nero removal

Remove / uninstall MS Office 2007 service pack2

Microsoft Office 2007 service pack2 brings lot of new improvements and features to your already installed MS Office 2007 software on the computer. It adds in-built support to save Word files as PDF, open document format and boasts of better performance. However, incase you do not like

See list of Windows update, uninstall them [XP only]

Windows updates (service packs and hotfixes) are very important to keep system updated and secure. However, sometimes an update can cause more trouble than good on the system. WinUpdatesList utility allows you to see list of Windows update installed on the computer. You can

Remove or uninstall Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 is making lot of buzz ever since its beta days and final version release. It offer loads of new features including faster browsing, web slices and accelerators. Incase these do not excite, you can easily remove Internet Explorer 8 from the computer. Microsoft's

Remove pre-installed trial software from computer

New computers (with Windows) generally come loaded with lots of trial software and utilities.This often results in slow computer with unnecessary and irritating pop-ups. While there is a manual way of installing and removing each software from add and remove programs option in control

Remove / Uninstall any Antivirus, Antispyware software

So you have Mcafee Security installed on the computer and trying to remove it in order to jump over to other security application like Norton. No need to endlessly try to remove these security application, which for some reason fail to get off from computer. Popular security