Uninstall & remove Internet Explorer 9


Internet Explorer 9 bring lot of new features and enhancements. You can easily download and install Internet Explorer 9 browser software on your Windows computer. Like with all new software updates, you may encounter errors or feel unconformable with new interface of Internet Explorer 9. If so, you can easily remove Internet Explorer version 9 update and revert back to older Internet Explorer (8 or 7).

Remove Internet Explorer 9 to revert back to old IE

1. Click on Start (Orb) button. Type View installed updates and press the Enter key. A window will open showing currently installed updates on your Windows PC.

2. Check for ‘Windows Internet Explorer 9’ listing. Right click on it and then click uninstall option.

3. Click on Yes to confirm removal of Internet Explorer 9 software update. Reboot or restart your Windows PC to complete the removal process.

After you restart the computer, you can use your old Internet Explorer browser version to surf the internet content.



  1. Lois Silvanovich says

    I downloaded IE 9 on purpose and realized I had made a HUGE mistake. Sucessfully uninstalled and then today when downloading updates – well – I accidentally installed it again. Phew…thanks to you it is GONE……….for good this time. Very helpful. Thanks.

  2. Had a huge problem after installing internet explorer 9, my computer kept gving me error messages, internet explorer experiencing fatal error messages, could not system restore to a previous date, problems galore. DO NOT DOWNLOAD INTERNET EXPLORER 9!!!! Finally found this site to uninstall internet explorer 9 and back to IE8 my computer is back to normal.

    • frank bessler says

      Exploer 9 is junk locked up my laptop and now I’m spending time trying to get rid of it

  3. Worked wonderfully, thank you so much! Screen shots were particularly helpful, especially paired with your written explanation :)

  4. The instructions “Remove Internet Explorer 9 to revert back to old IE” are not accurate. Correct instructions are:

    click on
    1. start
    2. control panel
    3. programs and features: view installed updates
    4. type explorer 9 in search bar
    5. select Windows Internet Explorer 9 from the list
    6. click uninstall

    • thanks, my computer would not load ie correctly or would load so slow it was always timing out. not to mention that i didn’t like the format. i don’t care for ie 8 but it is a lot better than ie9

    • I tried this uninstall that you have posted here and I can not find the explorer 9 therre isn’t anything there. Help. I made a huge mistake installing it thinking it was a good thing.

      • Farasat Saeed says

        I agree to what Jennifer says. I am having same difficulty and can not locate Explorere 9 in my control panel; programs and features. How to trace it……..If someone has any idea , please share .thanks

    • Reginald McKinley Sr says

      I would like to say Thanks for the info on how to uninstall explorer 9 it worked great something’s work better unchange again great info .

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