How to duplicate tabs in IE, Chrome & Firefox

Do you want to quickly open currently opened website in a new tab? You can easily perform such tab duplication in your favorite web browser. In few simple clicks you can open new (duplicate) instance of any currently opened tab. Following is quick and easy procedure to duplicate tab in

Remove Duplicate items in MS Excel worksheet

Removing duplicate items from data in Microsoft Excel worksheet can take lot of time and effort. If you are using older versions of MS Office Excel 2003 or earlier, you still have to delete duplicate threads manually. However, in Office 2007  and above, you can easily remove all the

Delete duplicate PST ghost files [Outlook Ghostbuster]

Sometimes, a PST file can appear twice in Outlook application. Second instance of PST file is duplicate file copy and is not required for functioning. Duplicate PST file can appear as "Archive" PST file or as folders from duplicated "Archive" PST file. You may get error ["There was an

Delete orphaned & duplicate DLL files on Windows

As we install and remove program applications on Windows, lot of temporary DLL junk files are left on the computer. You can easily perform PC clean up using free utility "PC Cleaner". It helps remove temporary files and folder. It can also perform deep scan for orphaned and duplicate DLL

Search & delete duplicate images on desktop

Majority of computer users download and share lot of images on daily basis. Now more people click digital images and share via their computers and laptops. With more images, problem of duplicate photos always exists. Portable tool "Image Duplicates Search" can easily help you find and

Find & Merge duplicate Gmail contacts automatically

Contacts listing grow as we send and receive emails in Gmail. It is important to keep contacts organized and tidy for easy navigation to required contact at specific time. We have already seen how to merge duplicate contacts one by one in Gmail contact manager. Now you can automate this

iTunes duplicate file remover & manger [Windows]

iTunes library getting too big and cluttered? Well, its time to tidy up iTunes file listing by removing orphaned and duplicate files using iTunes Duplicate song manager. It is a free java based program to add tracks, remove duplicate and orphaned files. Use iTunes Duplicate song

Free font viewer to install, remove & find duplicate fonts

Nexus Font is a free font viewer to manage fonts installed on the computer using neat interface. It allows you to preview all fonts installed on the PC. You can customize preview text or numbers along with font size, color and style. Just right click on any font preview in the application

Find and remove similar duplicate Mp3 music files

Do you have lot of mp3 files hogging hard drive space big time? We tend to dump lot of similar files spread across different folders and drives - downloaded at different times of using computer. Similarity is a small (and free) application that can quickly search and help remove similar /

Eliminate duplicate Gmail contacts, just merge them!

Do you have two or more contact details for same person in your Gmail contact list? Well, its time to do some cleanup to organize and work in a better manner in Gmail. You can easily eliminate duplicate contacts by merging them. Login into Gmail, click on contacts link on the left

How to duplicate & copy Google Docs file?

Say you received a Google Docs file and you want to edit that file but don't have permission to do so. Here is quick and easy way to make copy of that file and make any changes you want to that Google Docs file. Just change the original Google Docs URL