Delete duplicate PST ghost files [Outlook Ghostbuster]


Sometimes, a PST file can appear twice in Outlook application. Second instance of PST file is duplicate file copy and is not required for functioning. Duplicate PST file can appear as “Archive” PST file or as folders from duplicated “Archive” PST file. You may get error [“There was an error. Object was not found”] while trying to delete duplicate PST file in Outlook. Free tool ‘CodeTwo PST Ghostbuster’ can come handy in this regard.

Remove duplicate PST ghost files in Outlook

1. Download CodeTwo PST Ghostbuster & install it.
2. Open the program & select Outlook profile with duplicate PST issue.
3. Then enter name of duplicate file in text box below drop down box.
4. Now click “Check” button to verify if entered file is duplicate or not.

5. If you get message [“Invalid sections that should be removed were found…”], then specified file in duplicate. Then click “Repair” button to delete specific duplicate PST file.


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