Portable tool to Delete temporary files, cookies & cache

Over a period of time, Windows can accumulate lot of temporary data. It contains temporary files, cache, cookies, environment variable, temporary user info files and lots more. Ideally, you can delete each of these temporary files data by using different Windows functions. How about

Backup, restore & delete USB data with portable tool

USB Flash Tools is a portable program to perform basic tasks on USB drive / flash drive data. It allows you to backup current content of a USB Flash drive and restore content from existing backup file. It also allows you to securely delete existing data of USB drive without possibility of

View, save & delete Outlook attachments easy way

OutlookAttachView is a handy utility that scans and display list of attachments in Outlook on your computer. From one interface you can view all attachments and further copy - save selected attachments. You can also delete specific attachments like large attachments taking lot of disk

How to delete locked, in-use files & folders ?

"...cannot delete this file, access denied, the source or destination file may be in use, the file is in use by another program or user" and the classic one "...make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use". Are you tired of seeing such

How to delete hidden browsing internet history?

There are basic steps to delete internet and temporary files on the computer. We have also seen number of utilities (here and here) to clean up history mess. Even after so much effort, there could be still some files hidden safely shouting all about 'what you have been browsing?'. This

How to prevent restore & recovery of deleted data ?

Just deleted a file and it went to 'recycle bin'. Then emptied 'recycle bin' and that file is deleted forever, is it? Well, that 'so-called' deleted file can still be recovered using specialized recovery software. So, how to prevent restore and recovery of deleted data? How to make sure

‘Wipe’ & clear browsing history, logs & temp files

Do you want to hide your online activities from other users of the same computer? Want to keep computer clean and healthy from deluge of temporary files, logs and cached files? 'Wipe' is a free application that does same with perfect ease. It can be used to clear user browsing history,

3 Steps to clear Temporary Files & speed up Windows

One should clear all temporary files, folders etc on regular basis for one simple reason - they are all temporary. On practical aspect, removal of temporary stuff allow computer to start faster and improve its overall functioning speed. If you are battling with slow system startup or