Send difficult ‘Critic’ thoughts anonymously, NiceCritic


Please consider trimming some nose hair. It looks as if your zipper is down. Please wash your hands after using the bathroom. You squeeze too hard when you hug and so on.

Above are difficult and critical thoughts that most of us cannot communicate on the face of the person in question. Well, technology is here for rescue with NiceCritic. In times where you can dump your girlfriend web 2.0 way, sending anonymous email is no big deal.

NiceCritic is a free service that allows users to something to someone that has been on their minds in a safe, non-embarrassing environment. You can send a critical message to any email ID anonymously.

No logins or downloads required. To get started, select the category among various options like: personal hygiene, appearance, office behaviour, sports etiquette, suggestion, praise etc.

Then select any of the thought or message listed in the selected category. Click on ‘send this message’, then enter the recipient name and email ID to send your ‘critic’ message anonymously via NiceCritic, interested?


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