Break up with your girlfirend or boyfriend Techno Style


Are you planning break-off or dump your girlfriend/boyfriend? Also, Is it hard for you to break off in person? If yes and yes, then you have option to break up with your friend ONLINE. BreakUpEmail is a service that let you break off online by sending a sweet email. So you send an email to say that your relationship is finished.

Besides you do not have spend hours to write an email by yourself, BreakUpEmail makes it really easy and simple for you. First you need to know the name and email address of the friend you want to break off from. I am damn sure you know that!!! Here goes the procedure:

  • Open BreakUpEmail website and click on ‘Breakup with him/her’.
  • In the form, enter your name and name of person being dumped.
  • Then check mark on the reason for your break off.
  • Yes or No for option to stay friends after break-up.
  • 2 More options for check on conditions resulting in break-off.
  • Select Send off line like: enjoy, sorry, truly yours etc.
  • Then click on generate email & copy the email message.

After message is generate, copy the text into Yahoo/Gmail inbox or in message box at Orkut/Facebook. Make any changes you want to, then shoot the email. You can cannot make personalised changes while generating email using ‘BreakUpEmail’. However, after you copy the message into your email inbox, then you can add or edit out any good or bad stuff.

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Interesting service, though breaking up in person is more enjoyable and fun. Surely a good option if your girlfriend is a wrestler! [via]


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