3 Faith or Religion based Social Networking Websites


Orkut and Facebook come to fore-front in the talk of Social Networking websites for simple reason: most of us know them and more importantly use them. However with ever increasing levels of interactivity among users and urge for specialized communities, the space for Social websites is expanding further.

This is supported with the relevance of Faith or religion based Social Networking websites. They attempt to mix technology, social networking and religion to provide a mash-up that surely appeal to some section of internet users. Here are 3 faith based social Networking Websites:

1. GodKut Well, its not just name resembling ‘Orkut’ even the basic concept is quiet similar. They aim to create largest faith based social network in the world. Launched just after Christmas, they wish to unite people of all faiths and walks of life. Good thought, hope they click. However, the look of site is pretty ordinary and may not attract you enough.

2. FaithStreamsThey aim to use the electronic media to enrich spiritual life and to build bridges of understanding among people of faith. Its member association is made up of denominations, organizations and individuals, who represent Christian, Jewish and Muslim groups in the United States and Canada. Together, these groups represent more than 200,000 congregations with 120 million congregants. Some impressive numbers there.

3. MyChurch It is a free online tool for churches to outreach and build community by networking their congregation. Amongst some of its features are a library for sermons and media, a social network, a sharing board, a collaborative blog, a photo sharing app, and an event calendar for you and your church.

Some of us may be attracted to such websites, however for me Orkut still rocks. Popular websites like Orkut, facebook can get you wider friend circle and share thoughts in more nuances than getting restricted to particular faith or religion. What about you… do you actively participate on such faith based social websites?


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