WOW: Microsoft has 148,357 servers & 15 Datacenters


Usually big wigs like Microsoft, Google do not reveal information about their data centers, servers and related information. Long Zheng got scoop from a promotional video put out by Microsoft regarding huge number of servers it uses.

Here goes… 15 datacenters hosting 148,357 servers sitting on 17,406 racks consuming 72,500KW (that’s 97,000 horsepower) of utility power as of the end of January 2008. Here is more:

  • Live Search end up using 50% servers (75,000).
  • Following Live Search is good old Hotmail service.
  • Then comes XBOX Live services & other services.

“… Assuming these statistics are real and accurate, then at the growth rate of 10,000 servers a month Microsoft should be at 218,000 servers at the end of August 08. A mind-blowing number. They’re going to need more horses.”

Yeah, they would. Get the full scoop and detailed information by Long Zheng @ istartedsomething. Wonder, where does Google and Yahoo stand in this monster server number thing?


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