Opera Unite converts computer web browser into server


Opera Unite is a new radical feature from Opera. It converts computer web browser into standalone server allowing you to to host and share files, websites, messages on your computer itself. In more practical terms: if we need to share a file with another user on the internet, we would first upload it on some hosting website on the internet and then pass on download link to our friend for download.


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Opera Unite remove the intermediate need to upload file somewhere on the internet and allows direct sharing of files within 2 parties on the internet. To get started: install Opera Unite Labs release. Then enable Opera Unite feature by clicking on system bar in Opera browser. You will see Opera Unite setup screen, click next to create or login into Opera account. Then chose a name for your computer that will used while sharing, it will in the format like http://mycomputer.davinder.operaunite.com

Now click Finish to complete Opera Unite setup. You will see Opera Unite homepage with features like: file sharing, fridge, media player, photo sharing, lounge and web server. You can click on either of Opera Unite feature to start individual setup and use. You need to keep Opera browser open while files, photos are being shared and transfered. Opera Unite feature is different and very useful for users who share files reguarly on the internet. It cuts the middleman and makes things little easy – testdrive Opera Unite , here is video explaining it all:


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