When was Webpage Last Updated, Hot Tip to Reveal all


Interested in knowing webpage’s last updated date? As pointed by CompuWorld, it is easy to determine the last updated date for blogs (as it is published in most blogs).

However, this is not easy and straight forward for main stream websites. To check webpage’s last updated date, here is quick 2 step procedure:

  • Open the website in your web browser say google.com
  • Then paste the following code in address bar and hit the enter key.


Above will show the date in mm/dd/yyyy format and time (in 24hrs format) in a pop-up box. So, get going with this hot tip to check last updated date in no time. Like it? Thanks Riyas UPDATE – this JS will return server’s date-time. You can still try this out for little browser fun!



  1. @Rajesh
    This JS show server date-time and not post date-time. I checked this with few old posts. Many Thanks for corrective infromation regarding this, will update the post. Anyway, its good for little fun in your browser, what say?

  2. Davinder, It is easy on blogs only if the blog author fdisplays the last modified date. most blogs display only the posted date.Guess, that is what you too show at the bottom of your post.

    document.lastmodified will return the last modifed date only if the page that your browse sends that as part of its header and only if they return it correctly.For eg: this post you open in different tabs after a gap of a few seconds.It will show, different lastmodified dates.This implies that wordpress returns a last modifed date that is not correct.it just returns the server datetime that you acces the post and not necessarily the last modified date.

    really funny post at compuworld!!!

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