Create high resolution Earth desktop wallpapers with free photo generator


Do you love the view of earth from space? Well, its time to play around with this view and generate cool looking Earth desktop wallpapers. Desktop Earth 2.0 is a handy (online & offline) application to generate high resolution Earth desktop wallpapers after selecting your location.


As seen above, final wallpaper has accurate representation of the Earth with imagery based on NASAs Blue Marble Next and Earths City Lights.


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To get started: select your location, current time-date and hit the generate button to see probable view of the Earth during that time. It will generate high resolution Earth wallpapers (upto 2560×1280) which accurate representation of day-time, snow cover and other foliage changes with the seasons. You can download Desktop Earth 2.0 application software or try online version to generate beautiful HQ Earth wallpapers.


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