Download Free security software, a-Squared 4.0

We have seen number of free Anti-virus and Anti-spyware software that can offer protection to your computer. A-Squared is a free security software that offer combo protection doubling up as Anti-virus and Anti-spyware at wonderful price of $0 It can scan your PC for infections of

Remove / Uninstall any Antivirus, Antispyware software

So you have Mcafee Security installed on the computer and trying to remove it in order to jump over to other security application like Norton. No need to endlessly try to remove these security application, which for some reason fail to get off from computer. Popular security

Keep Picasa Web Albums private & personal

Picasa Web Albums has now become private in 'real' sense. Previously, you could either set album public for everyone to view or mark them unlisted. When marked 'unlisted' album can be still accessed if direct access URL is known to any person. Now there is new (3rd) option 'Require

How to lock CD / DVD drive & prevent drive eject?

CD / DVD drive is used for more things that just playing and burning CDs /DVDs. Did we forget the play element involved? Like ejecting the drive tray and placing coffee mug and use it as coffee cup holder. Well, such things can be avoided if its only mature people playing around. Kids

UnLock protected RAR archive files via WinRAR Unlock

Just like Winzip (zip), winrar is another popular archive format. One can create locked WinRAR archive file using archive creators. Such files cannot be  modified by everyone and are protected from content changes. WinRAR unlock is a small utility that allows you to break this lock and

5 ways to Keep Gmail Safe from phishing attacks

Recently makeuseof tech blog domain was hacked and owner blackmailed. They did manage to get domain back without paying a penny but the whole ordeal left many wondering "IS GMAIL UNSAFE to store sensitive information?" Now, Gmail team has spoken and explained in details about 'what could

Backup Important Data Free & Easy with Snap Backup

Different type of data has varying level of importance and hence need to be backed up accordingly. Snap Backup is a free, fully functional backup utility that makes the whole process simple, easy (& Free). To get started, after download and install of the utility - you need to

Password Protect and hide any folder with My LockBox

We have already seen CleanerSoft's Hide Folder software, here is another free software to password protect and hide folders 'My Lockbox'. It is a security software they enables you to password protect any folder on your computer. The protected folder (lockbox) is hidden from any user

5 Free Anti Spyware Software to protect your PC

Doing a format and operating system re-install to remove after effects of a spyware is most disheartening. A Spyware silently tracks your surfing behavior to create a marketing profile for you that is transmitted without your knowledge to the compilers and sold to advertising

Hide any Folder in Windows XP with Ease!

Hmm... so you have something very personal and important, which should not be seen by anybody else! Well, not to worry here is simple solution. You can easily hide any folder in Windows XP. Hidden folder will not be visible in Windows Explorer nor in dos prompt. You can hide all the