Block mature, explicit websites & images on Google Search

By default, Google Search show safe results. However, any user can go to settings page and turn OFF filtering to see explicit results using Google Search. Now you can lock Safe Search feature on Google to prevent toggling between filter and no-filter for search results. With Safe search

Wipe last login username from Windows login prompt

In a multi user Windows environment, Windows login prompt shows the last logged in username. If you are concerned about security and want to hide tracks - you can wipe out the last logged in username display using "Clear Name" utility. Download Clear Name utility, unzip the file and

Automatic hidden copy & backup of USB drive data

Do you want to copy, backup, steal data of USB flash drive plugged to the computer? AutoUSBcheck does this silently in the background whenever a USB flash drive is connected to PC. It allows secret way to knowing when a USB flash drive is used on the computer and extracts copy of USB drive

Anti-Virus for Windows 7, Official compatible List

Many user have installed Windows 7 operating system and this number for sure will rise with upcoming official launch of Windows 7 operating system. For any operating system, it is important to have stable and secure anti-virus software installed for adequate protection. Microsoft has

Anti keylogger protection for login data / keystrokes in browser

For starters, keyloggers are malware which observe and record your keystrokes. In this way they can steal your private information and use it to steal your money from your bank accounts, open credit card accounts in your name, or assume your identity in other criminal pursuits. Smalll

Disable Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename in Windows

Do you fear other users using your computer might delete or move your important files? You can easily put such fear to rest by using handy utility "Prevent". This free utility can disable and stop basic functions like cut, copy, paste, delete, rename on any Windows computer. Use

Free Rootkit detection & removal tool, Sophos anti-rootkit

Besides Viruses, Rootkits can stay hidden on the system and wreck havoc anytime. Standard Anti virus programs can deal with virus detection and removal but they cannot dig out hidden rootkits on the system. Sophos Anti-Rootkit scan can help in this regard. It is a free  rootkit detection

Restrict kids computer usage to specific hours time

Is your child spending too much on computer? Well, its time to restrict computer usage and this does not involve lot of efforts. Romaco Timeout is a free application that allow restricting computer usage to specific amount of hours in a day. Different usage time can be set for different

Lock computer with USB key drive

Privacy is very critical while using computer. No computer user like their computer being explored by strangers, which may result in data theft. You can easily lock computer using a USB key drive while moving away from computer for sometime. Just remove connected USB key from the computer

Protect Gmail from Paypal & ebay scam phishing emails

Gmail has introduced an important new feature to protect its users from receiving end of scam phishing emails from ebay and paypal. Since money is involved, extra protection is required. Previously, Gmail rejected all messages claiming to be from ebay or paypal if they did not have

Download Norton Antivirus & Internet Security 2010

Norton has released Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security 2010 for download and use. As expected, it has loads of improvements and enhancements. Trial version can be downloaded from Norton website for free use upto 14 days. It is faster, consumes less memory than previous versions

Free antivirus for Windows 7, Vista & XP [download AVG 8.5]

AVG has been best antivirus software among free protection software. New version of AVG 8.5 is now available for free download and use. It works on Windows 7, Vista and XP operating system. It offers free and effective protection against viruses, spyware, adware, trojans and keep system