Protect Gmail from Paypal & ebay scam phishing emails


Gmail has introduced an important new feature to protect its users from receiving end of scam phishing emails from ebay and paypal. Since money is involved, extra protection is required. Previously, Gmail rejected all messages claiming to be from ebay or paypal if they did not have or in their email header contents. Such email are not received by Gmail at all (and wont even appear in spam folder).


Besides the above protective features, Gmail has now added extra layer of protection with new labs feature of “verified sender” for ebay and paypal emails. First you need to turn this feature ON by going to settings > Labs tab. Click enable next to “Authentication icon for verified senders” and then click on Save changes button.

As seen in above image, each email from ebay and paypal which is verified and trustworthy will have authentication key icon indicating the authenticity of specific email messages. Currently this feature is only applicable to emails sent by paypal and ebay. If you are an active paypal and ebay user, make sure you turn this feature ON for added layer of protection from phishing emails. Also check: 5 ways to Keep Gmail Safe from phishing attacks



  1. I could not tell you how many emails I get from Ebay telling me that I have items I have bidded on and have won and I need to make payment or I receive emails telling me that I need to leave comments about Items that I have bought although I have not been on Ebay for MONTHS!

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