Split Internet Explorer into 2 windows [IE addon]

Splitting screen can increase productivity allowing you to view more content in same screen area. We have already seen WinSplit Revolution to split desktop screen into multiple areas. Also, a cool bookmarklet to split browser window into 2 parts. If you are an active Internet Explorer

Zoom In, Out webpages in Firefox & Internet Explorer

Small size of contents on a webpage can be real pain while trying to read. Formatting of original webpage content size cannot be controlled by the user. One easy way to resolve this is by enlarging size of webpage and viewing contents at comfortable size in Internet Explorer or Firefox

5 portable Web Browsers for Windows

Web browser is a basic software program to surf internet websites. Majority of internet surfers use Internet Explorer or Firefox browser to open and browse websites. Besides installed web browsers, you can also use portable web browsers: these do not require install and you can carry them

Internet Explorer: Open links in New Window instead of Tab

By default links from external applications load in "New Tab of existing Window" in Internet Explorer. Few users may prefer to open external links in separate new Window for easier identification and navigation instead of new tab. Alternatively, few users may want to open links in existing

See Internet history, cookies & visited URLs from IE cache

Details of every website visited using IE browser is stored in Internet Explorer cache. Viewing these details is not an easy task as you need to navigate through series of folders to see actual cache files. STG Cache Audit is a free program to view Internet Explorer cache with ease. It

Fix IE tool to repair corrupt Internet Explorer

Are you facing any issue with Internet Explorer? If yes, then its time to repair Internet Explorer for smooth web browsing. We have already seen Repair IE utility to fix and repair issues with Internet Explorer. Fix IE is another utility to keep Internet Explorer is good shape. This tool

Anti keylogger protection for login data / keystrokes in browser

For starters, keyloggers are malware which observe and record your keystrokes. In this way they can steal your private information and use it to steal your money from your bank accounts, open credit card accounts in your name, or assume your identity in other criminal pursuits. Smalll

Open new Internet Explorer Window in full screen maximized mode

Internet Explorer browser has improved over the years with new version releases. Still one cannot open new Internet Explorer window in full screen maximized mode. If you are eager to add this functionality then grab small utility "IE New Window Maximizer". It open new IE windows is full

Check website in internet explorer versions [IE 5.5, 6, 7, 8] on Windows 7, Vista & XP

We have already seen cool tool to install multiple version of Internet Explorer browser to check website rendering. IETester is a similar tool to check website rendering and look in different versions of Internet Explorer including: IE8, IE7 IE 6 and IE5.5 on Windows 7, Vista and XP

Open, Edit & Save documents online using IE/Firefox plugin

If you deal with lot of documents and files online, then Open IT online plugin can make your techno life real easy. It is an addon for Firefox, Flock, Internet Explorer that allows to open, edit & save documents from anywhere. It can open different file types online without any need to

Internet Explorer 8 Web Slices & Accelerators of Indian websites

Internet Explorer 8 was launched with whole hog of features including web slices and accelerators. They provide quick one click access to information from your favorite websites. If you have been using IE8 and now looking for India specific websites / information using relevant web slices

Make Internet Explorer 8 faster, check addons load time

Internet Explorer 8 comes with all hog of features and enhancements. IE Addons menu has new look with different arrangement  of options. Is your all new Internet Explorer slowing down? If yes then you can find possible answer by checking addons installed for IE8 on your