IE8 for ‘off the record’ InPrivate Browsing Bash

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) promises tighter and better control over privacy while surfing the web. Many 3rd party services work in background to gather data about your web browsing habits while you are engrossed in checking out your favorite websites. IE8 aims to address questions

Email Selected Text in Internet Explorer with SnipIT

SnipIT is one handy add-on for Internet Explorer that makes sending email very quick and ease. Just select text on any webpage opened in Internet Explorer, right click and send it via email on the fly. This free add-on supports number of email

Manage your Downloads in IE7 with LeechGet

If internet connection snaps while a file is being downloaded within Internet Explorer, what do you do? Well, you start the download again with loads of frustration. Internet Explorer 7 users can now ease out and relax by using cool download manager 'LeechGet'. It has Microsoft Outlook

Add Wikipedia Search in Internet Explorer with Qpedia

Addon for Internet Explorer? Well, these may not be popular but they are few cool IE add-ons worth a try. We have already seen 10 Internet Explorer Add-ons to do more with ease and here is another one 'Qpedia'. Qpedia is an Add-on for Internet Explorer 6 and 7 that adds Wikipedia search

How to increase font size in IE when ‘Text Size’ Fails?

Every webpage has different formatting in terms of fonts, colors and much more. Viewing a HTML page with small font size can really hurt your eyes. IE does have 'Text Size' feature to increase font size on any webpage. On top menu of IE, go to 'View', point to 'Text Size' and select