Add Print button to Google Chrome toolbar

Print function is a very basic feature of any web browser. It allows you to print any webpage being viewed in a web browser. Google Chrome has print functionality but the interfacing button is missing. You can easily add print button to Google Chrome toolbar for single click printing

How to enable PDF viewer plugin in Chrome

Google Chrome has in built support for viewing PDF files through Chrome PDF viewer plugin. By default, this plugin is disabled as it may cause conflict with exisiting software installed on your PC for viewing PDF files. If you do not use any other software program for PDF files, then you

Open Chrome extensions page with keyboard shortcut

Extensions in Google Chrome allows you to extend browser functionality. You can download and install various Chrome extensions to add specific features in the browser. Chrome extensions page allows you to view list of installed extensions. You can also disable, uninstall and access options

Highlight specific words on webpages in Chrome

Do you want to keep track of specific word(s) on webpages being viewed in Google Chrome browser? You can easily highlight specific keywords on webpages in Chrome browser for easy tracking. This can be done using manual method of searching or using 'keywords highlighter' Chrome

Customize ‘new tab’ window in Chrome

Are you bored of default look of 'new tab' in Google Chrome browser? You can easily customize contents appearing in new tab of Chrome using different Chrome extensions. You can configure it to display blank webpage or open specific website URL. You can also add various style elements like

Auto refresh webpage tabs in Chrome

Do you want to reload and refresh webpage URLs automatically? Ideally, we need to hit refresh button (or F5) to manually reload a webpage. You can automate this routine in Google Chrome browser for any website, URL or specific tab and make it refresh after specific perioud of time using

Limit maximum number of tabs in Chrome

Tabbed browsing allow easy surfing of multiple websites. However, too many opened tabs at the same time can confuse anyone. Do you want to limit number of tabsthat can be opened simultaneously in Google Chrome browser? You can easily do this using 'Controlled multi-tab browsing'

Change Google logo with any doodle in Chrome

Are you bored of usual Google logo and want Google homepage with colorful Google logo doodles? You can easily do this in few simple clicks on Chrome browser using 'Favorite Doodle' extension. It allows you to select and display Google logo doodle of your choice on Google Search homepage in

Directly view full size photos on Google Image Search

Google Image Search ( is an easy way to find photos on any topic or keyword. However, this image search service has one annoyance of having to click twice to able to view full sized photo displayed in search results. You can cut down on the clicking and webpage hopping by

Play MineSweeper game in Chrome

Just like PacMan game, MineSweeper has been classic and favorite game for many users. Do you want to play MineSweeper game while surfing internet in Google Chrome browser? You can easily do this using "Chrome MineSweeper" extension. It has bright and beautiful graphics complete with

Disable Google Analytics script & prevent data tracking

Google Analytics ( is a popular service from Google to tracking visitor activity on a website. Number of blogs and websites use Google Analytics code to capture and record details of users visiting websites. Till now, end user surfing websites that contain Google

Use encrypted Google search in Chrome & Firefox

Google has introduced "Google SSL search". It is an encrypted and more secure version of Google search. While using Google SSL, a direct connection between user computer and Google is created. Data transferred during Google search cannot be intercepted by any third party. You can easily