Sort Gmail contacts by first & last name

Gmail contacts contain names. description and emails IDs of users whom you interact via email messages. With large number of contacts, managing them can be a big task. Besides merging duplicate Gmail contacts, you can sort them by first and last name for easier management. Sort contacts

Add image & stylish text to Gmail signature

For starters, signature is text written at the end of each email you send. Till now, we could only use simple text as Gmail signature. Now you can spice up signature on emails sent through Gmail account using new rich text signature feature. It allows you to add any image, hyperlink to

View Google Maps for addresses in emails on Gmail

As of now, we have to copy address received or mentioned in email message on Gmail and paste it on Google Maps to view the exact location on a map. Now you can cut down this routine and directly view location of any address(es) mentioned in email messages on Gmail using "Google Maps

Restore deleted trash emails to Gmail inbox

In Gmail, any email message you delete is sent to 'trash' folder. Messages in trash folder are deleted automatically after 30 days or you can manually clear trash folder messages. In case you have accidently deleted an email message, you can easily recover and restore that message from

Clear & empty Trash messages in Gmail

Just like Windows operating system has "recycle bin", Gmail inbox has "trash" feature. Whenever you delete a message, it is sent to trash folder (and is not permanently deleted). Trash keep deleted messages for 30 days and they are automatically deleted after 30 days. If you do not want to

Drag to add photos in email message on Gmail

Gmail has added another feature with drag and drop support. Previously, you could drag and drop files to Gmail interface to upload them as attachment. Now you can even drag photos to display them inline within message body being composed in Gmail. So, if you are too lazy to use insert

Drag & drop files to upload as attachment in Gmail

Looking for quickest and most easy method to add multiple files as attachment to email messages being composed in Gmail? Ideally, we go to 'Compose Mail' screen, then click 'Attach a File' link and select file(s) that should be added as attachment to an email message. Now you can do all

Preview email messages without opening in Gmail

Do you want to breeze through lot of emails in Gmail without taking the trouble of opening each email message one by one? "Message Sneak Peek" Gmail labs feature allows you to quickly preview any email messages in the main inbox window without the actual need to open the email

View Gmail login activity location & IP address

Gmail is a popular web based email service from Google. Just like with every popular service, there can hack attempts with people trying to break into your Gmail acccount. One easy way to ensure healthy Gmail usage is by checking Gmail account login activity. You can monitor Gmail login IP

Manual POP frequency check for new emails in Gmail

You can easily setup external email addresses that support POP within your existing Gmail account. Such Mail fetcher setup allows you to access multiple email accounts within single Gmail account interface. After the setup, Gmail will check your other accounts on a regular basis and new

How to use Gmail filters to organize emails

Gmail has cool feature of filters allowing better management of incoming email messages. You can create filter for different type of parameters for incoming email messages. With filter activated, email messages based on filter rules and settings are automatically sent in specific folder.