Download selective Gmail messages for email without internet

Gmail introduced Google Gears to access Gmail without live internet connection. It later introduced "Offline Mail" feature that allows you to download email attachments for offline access. Now Gmail has expanded that feature allowing you to select which message should be downloaded for

Simple Gmail in minimalist white Look

Gmail can be customized to a great extend. You can use labs options to add more features to Gmail inbox or use themes to change Gmail look. We have already seen Greasemonkey & userscript that allows you to render simple and minimalist look to Gmail. If you find that confusing to

Preview Google Docs directly in Gmail inbox

Ideally you will need to toggle, got back and forward to see contents of Google Docs file received as attachment in Gmail. Using new Google Labs feature "Google Docs previews in mail", you can preview and read contents on Google Docs file (including document, spreadsheet, presentation)

Minimalist simple Gmail skin & Look

Gmail inbox look can be played around using in-built Gmail theme. It even has random theme option, that renders random theme to your Gmail inbox after every few hours. If you are fan of dead simple minimalist looks, then here is "Helvetimail". It gives all white, smooth and minimalist look

Play & listen Google Voice Mails in Gmail

Google Voice provide a unique number to manage communication with your existing phones. Google Voice users receive regular voicemail notifications on their Gmail ID. Previously, clicking on voicemail message resulted in a new page window to hear voice mail. From now on, you can listen

How to hide or remove labels next to subject line in Gmail inbox?

If you are using labels and viewing Gmail on low screen resolution computer, it is a constant struggle in trying to read full subject line of email messages in Gmail box. Labels for each messages appear fist and leave little space for email subject line to appear. Well, you can perform

Use custom SMTP server / email ID for outgoing emails on Gmail

From email header read "... from on behalf of". Gmail has finally added feature to remove "on behalf" mechanism and allow you to use actual custom SMTP server for all outgoing emails. Under new setup from header will read "... from

Gmail auto display images in emails from your contacts

By default, Gmail does not show images contained in a received email message. You need to click "display images below" link under email header to see images contained in email. This is done to protect from spammers, as they can extract your IP and other details when images in email are

Protect Gmail from Paypal & ebay scam phishing emails

Gmail has introduced an important new feature to protect its users from receiving end of scam phishing emails from ebay and paypal. Since money is involved, extra protection is required. Previously, Gmail rejected all messages claiming to be from ebay or paypal if they did not have

How to switch to old Gmail logo with BETA word?

Google has bumped off BETA word from logos of Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Talk. Gmail users have been so use to seeing BETA word on Gmail logo all this while. If you are missing the Gmail logo with the beta word, here is quick way to get "Back to Beta" for your Gmail

Organize Gmail Labels with drag-drop & hide support

Gmail expanded the concept of Labels to serve as folders a while back. Here comes another improvement bump to "Labels in Gmail". Now you can see and access all labels on the left sidebar of your Gmail inbox. They will display in separate section below drafts links and above chat, search