Backup Yahoo, Gmail to view offline with StashMyMail

We have already seen Gmail Backup for backup and archive of Gmail account on the fly. What about Yahoo Mail, AOL and other email providers? StashMyMail is a new free web services that allows you to download and backup emails for offline viewing. It supports number of top email service

Voice & Video Chat in Gmail, Get it Now !

We can chat with Gmail friends with integerated chat in Gmail inbox. Hang on, Gmail is making things more interactive with introduction of voice and video chat in Gmail. So, besides typing 'Hi' 'Hello' - you can speak and see your friend saying 'Hi' 'Hello' and lots more. This new

Open Docx documents as HTML in Gmail, No hack !

Opening Docx documents can be real pain if you do not have Office 2007 installed on your computer. While there are number of ways to convert docx document into doc and other format, following could be the easiest one. If you are a Gmail user, then you would not require any of that

Backup & Archive Your Gmail account in a Single Click

Do you have lot of important data in your Gmail account? Why not backup contents of your Gmail account on your computer for safe keeping. You can backup and archive contents of your Gmail account in a single click procedure with free utility 'Gmail Backup'. Using Gmail's built-in IMAP

Gmail gets Colorful Emoticons, Looks Cool !

Gmail gets more colorful and happening with addition of new cool emoticons. There is an smiley (emoticon) to express every emotion. When you compose email in Gmail, just click on emot

Gmail Canned: Save & Auto Send Common Messages

Gmail loves to experiment with new features now and then. Recently, Goggles feature was introduced to prevent drunken emailing. Here is more sane (& new) Gmail feature 'Canned Responses'. Are you tired of writing and sending same reply

Send Empty Messages on Gmail without any prompt

Do you often send empty messages using Gmail? It means, you add text to subject line with no text in body part. You must have noticed a prompt when you attempt

Gmail Goggles to prevent Freak Weekend Email fun

On Weekends one can booze off, party all night - you may indulge in some fun emailing that you may regret sending (of course the next morning)! Picture this, you just send a harsh email to sweet

Mark Email as ‘Read’ in Gmail with a Single Click

It is a season of new features at Gmail. We have already seen 'Forgotten Attachment Detector’ and here comes 'Mark as Read Button' feature. Usually to mark email as 'read' - after selecting

Let Gmail Remind you for Email Attachments

You have just hit the 'send' button and forgot to attach the file you wrote about in the email. Yikes, need to write another email with attachment! 'Forgotten Attachment Detector' is new Gmail

How to use Gmail to send email from other email IDs?

[Note: Gmail addicts may know about this] Say your gmail ID is - do you know you can send email displaying different email ID using your current Gmail ID ( This is possible using custom 'from' option in your Gmail account. This alternate email ID

New Gmail Filter ‘Never Send it to Spam’, No Misses!

Are you worried that Gmail will send your important email to spam folder? Well, you can chill out and relax by setting up new filter ''Never Send it to Spam'. You can define email address, keywords present or absent to setup this filter. Here is the quick procedure: Login to Gmail