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There are number of free hosting web service to upload and host images, icon and galleries. Incase you want to host Flash File (SWF) for free, then checkout MegaSWF. It is a free flash file hosting web service. After the upload, you will instant hash link to use or view your uploaded Flash file.


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Free users have few restriction including no hotlinking and ads on landing pages. Incase you deal with lot of flash files, you can use the free account (does not require registration) or go for PRO account that allows hotlinking. Head over to MegaSWF to upload [via] and host your flash files easily.



  1. Mirzabeigi Eng says

    thanks a lot.
    so nice

  2. I tried megaswf because I needed a place that could host an animation for a website and it just didn’t worked… I was never able to see the animation in my website; although i could, of course, see it at megaswf.

    Maybe it was just me handling the url a wrong way… if anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it :$

  3. doesn’t work – url (Easy view link) brings you to page with nothing

  4. Great, i think i have to try megaswf.

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