Transfer iphone & digital camera photos into iPad

Just like any Apple product, you can extend iPad functionality by adding different apps and gadgets. We have already seen host of free iPad applications to spice up iPad experience. You can import personal photos into iPad and relish them in crystal clear big screen of iPad. Best way for

How to transfer file using SSH access [putty]

Secure shell (SSH) allows secured connection to remote computer. Besides performing quick and easy file transfer, it allows robust security. You can use Putty client software for SSH shell access. This program allows quick setup and start of file transfer using SSH access. Use Putty for

Download Putty, free Windows SSH client software

Secure shell (SSH) technology provide secure communication channel on Linux and Unix systems. You can connect to remote systems via SSH using public and private keys. For using SSH medium, you need an SSH client software for making private remote connection. Putty SSH client for secure

Sync iTunes & Windows Media Player music with BlackBerry phone

We have already seen BlackBerry desktop software to sync and transfer files between computer and BlackBerry smart phone. Here is official BlackBerry Media Sync for easy management of music files. It allows you to sync your desktop iTunes or Windows Media Player music files with your

Sync & transfer files between computer & BlackBerry smartphone

Do you want to connect BlackBerry phone to computer for easy sync & file transfer? BlackBerry offer Official Desktop software for PC & MAC that allow transfer of files between BlackBerry smartphone and PC with ease. Besides file transfer, you can perform number of other tasks using

Upload & host Flash files (SWF) for free – MegaSWF

There are number of free hosting web service to upload and host images, icon and galleries. Incase you want to host Flash File (SWF) for free, then checkout MegaSWF. It is a free flash file hosting web service. After the upload, you will instant hash link to use or view your uploaded Flash

Skype 3.0 beta Win Mobile get SMS & file transfer

Skype 3.0 Beta for Windows Mobile is out with two cool features of sending SMS and File transfer. Now you can send and receive documents on the move. You can make secure and private skype to skype transfer of sensitive data over unsecured WiFi networks. You can be in any part of the