Convert SWF flash files to HTML5 format

Are you looking for a workaround to play SWF flash format files on devices where flash player is not installed? Computer with no Flash player installed or no-flash support devices like iPhone, iPad - will not playback Flash SWF format content in its original format. You can easily overcome

How to delete Flash history cache files

Flash is used by majority of websites to display interactive content. Popular websites like Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Youtube use Flash to display specific parts of the content. Lot of advertisements, interactive landing pages use Flash for the dynamic display and thus history of website

Disable flash, silverlight & javascript in Firefox

Adobe Flash, Javascript, Microsoft Silverlight, Java are few technology platforms that provide support for dynamic content on the internet. Sometimes, these can cause issue and user may want to disable it temporarily. If you use Firefox as default browser, then you can easily disable or

Play Flash videos content on ipad & iPhone

Apple has made is clear, Flash support on Apple products in not in their scheme of things. With lot of video web content using Adobe Flash technology, you may be missing flash on your iPad and iPhone devices. Now you can watch and playback Flash videos with ease using free Cloud Browse

Convert online flash videos into non-flash Ogg format

Majority of online videos like on Youtube, Dailymotion are in flash video format. Do you want to watch online flash videos without the Flash technology? This can be easily achieved by converting an online flash video into non-flash open source ogg video format. You can watch resultant

Edit SWF flash movie file frames with SWF modify

SWF Flash movie files are relatively difficult to create (for armatures) and editing them is even more difficult. Free program "SWF Modify" allows you to edit Flash SWF file with ease. It allows you to modify and edit frames contained in a SWF flash movie file. You can preview play the

Create Screensaver by converting SWF Flash file

Do you have SWF flash file that would look cool as screensaver? If yes, then grab free application "FlashForge" for quick and easy screensaver creation. This application allows you to convert any SWF flash file into cool looking screensaver. Final screensaver can be installed and removed

Watch DailyMotion videos without Flash in Firefox

Majority of online videos are flash based and many users get bugged with message saying "no flash player installed'. Well, requirement of Adobe Flash plugin to watch online videos could soon be history. Dailymotion video sharing website has launched special section where you can watch

Convert Flash FLV to Quick Time MOV video format

Many of us download online videos and save it on computer for future viewing. Downloaded online videos are generally in FLV flash format. In case you want to play these FLV videos on Quick Time player (on Windows or MAC), you need to convert video format from FLV flash to Quick Time

Upload & host Flash files (SWF) for free – MegaSWF

There are number of free hosting web service to upload and host images, icon and galleries. Incase you want to host Flash File (SWF) for free, then checkout MegaSWF. It is a free flash file hosting web service. After the upload, you will instant hash link to use or view your uploaded Flash

How to block flash animation content in Firefox?

Flash animation content can overwhelm and distract web users to the core. If you are using Firefox browser, then you can easily block such flash content and view it selective (as the case may be). Flashblock firefox extension blocks all flash content displayed while you browse the web in

Download Flash animation SWF files from webpages

Animated flash display always catch user's attention. These are interactive and very attractive to look at. Ever wanted to download flash animation from your favorite website? iWisoft Free Flash SWF Downloader makes this process real easy involving few simple mouse clicks. Just enter